Management Review

Management Review

  • It is important that after all the efforts an organization makes in establishing and maintaining a Quality Management System, it is reviewed by top management at regular planned intervals to ensure suitability, adequacy and effectiveness of QMS. It is also done to find out if QMS is aligned with strategic direction of the organization.
  • Management Reviews can be done as a special & separate meeting or clubbed with other business review meetings.
  • Frequency of Management Reviews can be determined by the organization.
  • There are several parameters which should be discussed in each MRM as applicable and appropriate:
  1. Status of last MRM
  2. Changes in context of the organization (external and internal issues)
  3. Changes in needs and expectations of the interested parties
  4. Effectiveness of the actions taken to address risks and opportunities
  5. New potential opportunities for improvement
  6. Adequacy of resources
  7. Performance, effectiveness, trends and indicators for:
  1. Nonconformities and corrective actions
  2. Monitoring and measurement of process / products / services
  3. Internal / external / customer / interested party audit results
  4. Customer satisfaction and feedback from interested parties.
  5. Extent to which quality objectives have been met.
  6. Customer complaints
  7. Performance of external providers
  8. Adequacy of resources
  9. Process performance and products / services conformity

Management Review module of Effivity ensures you meet various requirements specific to Management Review defined across the standard in an effective, efficient and simple manner. Below steps demonstrate capabilities of this module and how you can comply with internal audit related requirements of the standard:-

An intelligent module level home page welcomes user to the module with all compliance options available in the module on left side menu. This home page shows quality objectives for the department, available / recently changed documents, real time graphical analysis on the basis of data / information captured in the system, alerts for pending tasks, quick links for common / regular tasks etc. Module level help is also given at appropriate places.

1. Define the MRM agendas, system sends mail to attendees automatically.

2. Capture discussions and generate minutes of meeting against each agenda points.

3. Prepare actions plans for decisions taken / planned during the management review meeting.

4. Procedures and forms related to MRM can be captured in documented information module. Comprehensive capabilities of this module ensures all the requirements pertaining to management review are addressed in a quick and simplified manner while achieving 100% compliance to ISO 9001:2015 standard. Contact us at info at for further information or visit to subscribe to our award winning and one of its kind of ISO 9001 compliance software.

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