An ISO 45001 risk assessment checklist will help you be sure that you assess all the risks according to the requirements in the standard.

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Assessing ISO 45001 risks can be tricky. When is something a hazard and when is it a risk? Once you’ve followed the ISO 45001 risk assessment checklist, what do you do next? How do you mitigate your risks and make sure you’ve done everything possible to make sure it has a low probability of happening?

With Effivity ISO 45001 software, it’s easy to assess risks without using a checklist. Effivity has a dedicated software module for risk assessment designed specifically to cater for these requirements of the standard.

All you need to do is to fill in the standard forms and templates in the risk module with your company’s specific detail. The system will then guide you through the relevant steps on how to handle them with context sensitive help screens available every step of the way.

Get automatic notifications for actions that have to happen and look at the detailed reports to analyse where you stand and see the improvement as you go.

Doing your ISO 45001 risk assessment without having to use a checklist has never been so easy!

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