Do you have a top management actively involved with your QMS?

Have you identified internal challenges / issues you face within your organization? These can be like_____

Have you identified external challenges / issues you face from external sources? These can be_____

Have you identified various risks your organization faces from strategic, tactical and operational perspective? Are actions on these risks planned & reviewed?

Have you identified various opportunities your organization can utilize for improvement and growth? Are actions on these opportunities planned & reviewed?

Do you identify knowledge required for effective execution of processes/operations and organization's activities?

Do you ensure the identified knowledge is being made available to users?

Have you identified processes in the organization?

Do your identified processes include specific information like process input, process output, process description / sop / flowchart, knowledge required for the process, process effectiveness evaluation parameters and risks / opportunities related to the process?

Do you monitor performance of the organization on specific performance indicators / KPIs ?

Are your established quality objectives measurable ?

Is a plan to achieve the objectives identified?

Are people aware about quality policy, relevant quality objectives, their contribution to the QMS of the organization and implications of non-compliance to the QMS standard?

Does everyone participate in your quality management system or only a few employees work on ISO 9001 compliance while others know nothing.

How prepared I am for ISO 9001:2008 to ISO 9001:2015 migration

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