The cost to become ISO 9001 certified is not only limited to paying the company that does the actual audit for accreditation, but will also depend on how you go about implementing the QMS.

Any company wanting to implement a QMS would like to know How much does it cost to become ISO 9001 certified.

Although paying the company that does the audit for certification is part of ISO 9001 certification cost, there are many other ‘hidden’ costs. Effivity software reduces ISO certification costs dramatically by already having designed all the documentation required.

Another cost saving provided by using Effivity software is that you won’t have to worry about IT infrastructure. Effivity software runs in the cloud on our infrastructure, thus reducing your ISO certification cost substantially. That’s just another step in answering the question how much does it cost to become ISO 9001 certified.

As Effivity is a cloud based solution, all your employees can access the system from wherever in the world they are, even if you have branches or locations in different countries.

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The process of getting an organization’s Quality Management system certified to ISO 9001 is typically referred to as ISO certification. Whenever organizations decide to go for ISO certification, the first question that comes to their mind is ‘How much does it cost to become ISO 9001 certified’. The cost of certification is an important factor, especially for small scale and medium scale enterprises.

ISO certification process typically involves defining a Quality management system, training the organization on the defined QMS, deployment of the QMS, internal audits, Management review and external audit. The total cost associated with the entire exercise is normally referred to as ISO certification cost. Typically, the ISO certification cost has the following direct components: Consultant fee, Fee for the external certification body. However there are other indirect components namely the man hours spent towards training, deployment, QMS development, internal audits, Management review and external audit. While considering the ISO certification cost, it is imperative that the organizations consider both these aspects.

Quality Management system software is ready made applications which come with pre-defined Quality Management system. When deployed across the organization, this software ensures automatic compliance to the defined Quality Management system. This Quality Management system software have significant reduction in the following components of ISO certification cost: Consultant fee, QMS definition effort, QMS training effort, Effort involved in QMS deployment, Effort towards internal audits and Management review. Thanks to the predefined QMS and the automated workflows, Quality Management system software is able to achieve cost reduction in these areas. It is important to note that the cost reduction is achieved without comprising on the quality or timeliness of the activities. When converted into cost terms, the man hours saved across these phases turn into a sizeable quantum.

Know exactly how much does it cost to become ISO 9001 certified and make your management happy by using Effivity to implement and maintain your ISO 9001 QMS.

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Effivity is a well known, widely used and proven Quality Management system which has already delivered significant cost advantages to a variety of organizations in their ISO certification journey. Built with a robust, proven, simple and usable Quality Management system as its backbone, Effivity drives significant cost advantages to your organization in the entire ISO journey. First, Effivity drastically reduces the cost associated with the gap analysis and QMS definition activities, as it brings with it a proven QMS. Second, it reduces the effort and cost associated with training your employees on ISO 9001 and QMS, as Effivity offers a simple, intuitive and engaging user interface, which offers effortless self learning to your employees.

With regard to deployment, the effort spent by your employees in deploying the QMS are significantly reduced as all the QMS process are automated through workflows in Effivity. My following these workflows, your employees are automatically complying with the defined QMS procedures. Internal Audit and Management review processes of ISO 9001 are automated through the respective modules of Effivity thus ensuring automatic compliance.

Most organizations spend enormous effort of time and cost in creating, maintaining, updating and retaining their documentation and records. Being a web based system; Effivity solves these challenges and at the same time ensures that the documentation requirements as per ISO 9001 are maintained. Using Effivity reduces the certification cost not just in your first certification cycle, but also in all the subsequent cycles, be it surveillance audit or recertification.