ISO 9001 internal audit questions

Why worry about asking ISO 9001 internal audit questions? The Effivity software has the ISO 9001 internal audit procedure built right in, so you’ll can be sure all requirements will be met simply by using Effivity.

When you build up an ISO 9001 Quality Management System piece by piece, it can get very tricky to make set up an ISO 9001 internal audit procedure and you might be looking for a list of possible questions to help you.

There is however a much easier way to make sure you meet all the ISO 9001 internal audit requirements, without using a list of questions at all!

Effivity has every module that you’ll ever need to make sure you meet all the ISO 9001 internal audit procedure requirements. Simply start using the system and fill in the forms and records provided to customize it for your company’s own use. Integrate the system with your normal operational procedures and gain all the advantages of ISO 9001 accreditation efficiently and easily.

You could even say that the Effivity system answers ISO 9001 internal audit questions all on its own. Once you’ve used the internal audit module, the internal audit requirements of the standard will automatically be met without having to worry about any example questions.

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ISO 9001 is the world’s most renowned Quality Management system standard. ISO 9001 standard defines the requirements for Quality management system of organizations. While the ISO 9001 standard is same for all organizations, the Quality Management system is specific to the organization which deploys ISO 9001. Quality Management system is practically a collection of Quality Policy, Quality system procedures, checklists, templates, formats.

Internal audit is one of the key requirements of ISO 9001 certification. Internal audit refers to the audit of various functions/departments of the organization by trained auditors. Often the departments getting audited are worried about the questions that will be posed during the audit and to get them prepared towards the same. Very often, the questions posed to the auditee department are with respect to their role and their adherence to their respective Quality Management system. Also, they are asked general questions about the awareness to the quality management system and Quality policy. A typical auditor requests the auditee personnel to explain the way in which they perform their activities and compares them with the defined quality management system.

Preparations towards the internal quality audit are often based on the defined quality management system. In earlier days, the quality management systems were usually defined and maintained in pen and paper format. Thanks to the advancement of technology, today most organizations have a web based quality management system. The web based quality management systems are also offered by third party service providers who provide a readymade quality management system which is compliant to ISO 9001. With these web based systems in place, the task of preparing for the internal quality audits becomes easy for the departments. Most of the quality management system documents are available online to everyone and hence makes the preparations easy.

Use Effivity to make sure you meet all the ISO 9001 internal audit requirements without ever having to look for a list of ISO 9001 internal audit questions again!

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Effivity is a popular Quality management system package which is widely used by organizations across the world. The requirements of the ISO 9001 standard are pre built into the different modules of this package, thus ensuring automatic compliance to the standard. Effivity carries with it a mature quality management system which is fully compliant to the requirements of ISO 9001:2015. The modules are user friendly and easily understandable such that anybody can easily prepare himself/herself towards the ISO 9001 internal audit. The typical questions that will be asked during the internal audit can easily be answered by getting through the modules of Effivity.

Through its attractive user interface and easy navigation, Effivity becomes a one stop shop for preparing towards the ISO 9001 internal audit. By browsing and understanding the different modules with respect to the department’s operations, one can easily prepare himself/herself to face the questions of ISO 9001 internal audit. As Effivity integrates the day to day operations of the department/organization with the requirements of ISO 9001/Quality Management system, it does not take much of additional effort for the practitioners to understand and digest the concepts related to the internal audit. Moreover Effivity can also be used as a repository which can be showcased to the auditor during the internal audit.