ISO 9001 certification cost is not only limited to paying the company that does the actual audit for accreditation, but will also depend on how you go about implementing the QMS.

Any company wanting to implement a QMS would like to keep the ISO 9001 certification cost as low as possible.

Although paying the company that does the audit for certification is part of ISO 9001 certification cost, there are many other ‘hidden’ costs. Effivity software reduces ISO 9001 certification costs dramatically by already having designed all the documentation required.

Another cost saving provided by using Effivity software is that you won’t have to worry about IT infrastructure. Effivity software runs in the cloud on our infrastructure, thus reducing your ISO 9001 certification cost substantially.

As Effivity is a cloud based solution, all your employees can access the system from wherever in the world they are, even if you have branches or locations in different countries.

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The cost associated with the ISO 9001 certification includes the following components: Training cost, Fees for consultant, Effort spent on Quality Management system preparation and deployment, internal awareness training, internal audit, Management Review, Cost towards external audit. While the direct cost components namely training cost, consultant fee and external audit cost are visible and tangible, the other components which are spent as effort are indirect. There are many calculations providing the return on investment (ROI) on the ISO 9001 certification cost, which are typically used by organizations to build up a case for funding the ISO 9001 certification cost.

Use of automated platforms (software packages) for ISO 9001 certification is becoming popular, thanks to the cost advantage offered by these packages. All the cost components described above are in turn substituted by one single cost i.e. the cost of the software package, as these packages provide end-to-end solutions in the ISO 9001 certification journey, apart from the cost towards certification audit. Obviously, these packages offer tremendous cost advantage to the organizations, during the initial certification journey and also during the surveillance audit phases. Other major cost reduction provided by these packages lies in the reduction of man-hours required for ISO 9001 compliance. By automating the entire process and providing a centralized platform, these packages deliver massive reduction in compliance efforts. Most often, the reduction of effort towards ISO 9001 compliance goes unnoticed as it is not direct.

Reduce your ISO 9001 certification cost substantially and make your management happy by using Effivity to implement and maintain your ISO 9001 QMS.

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Effivity is a popular ISO 9001 software package which reduces the certification cost of organizations by following means

  1. The consultant fee is eliminated as the software provides a built in platform which meets all the requirements of ISO 9001
  2. The effort spent in understanding the standard and applying it to the organization is reduced as Effivity provides a readymade platform with built-in features.
  3. The effort spent on designing, defining and documenting the quality management is drastically reduced as Effivity provides a configurable readymade quality management which can be readily configured to meet the needs of the organization.
  4. The training effort is minimized as Effivity is provides an intuitive platform which is easy to understand, even for a novice.
  5. The deployment is reduced as all the quality management system processes reaches the employees in a simple and easy way.  The amount of handholding required for deployment also reduces as the ISO 9001 processes are built into easy to use software modules and features.
  6. The internal audit effort reduces as the entire process is automated. All audit records are accessible, anywhere, anytime.
  7. Likewise, the effort towards each and every ISO 9001 requirement is reduced, thanks to automation, digitization and centralization of documents and records.
  8. The effort towards preparation for an external audit also reduces as all the records are available readymade, at any given point in time.

Thus the ISO 9001 certification cost can be drastically reduced my using Effivity. Effivity provides reduction in both direct and indirect cost associated with ISO 9001 certification.