The Effivity software has all the ISO 9001 certification requirements built right in, so you’ll can be sure all requirements will be met simply by using Effivity.

When you build up an ISO 9001 Quality Management System piece by piece, it can get very tricky to make sure that you meet all the ISO 9001 certification requirements.

There is however a much easier way to make sure you meet all the ISO 9001 certification requirements, without using any checklist at all!

Effivity has every module that you’ll ever need to make sure you meet all the ISO 9001 certification requirements. Simply start using the system and fill in the forms and records provided to customize it for your company’s own use. Integrate the system with your normal operational procedures and gain all the advantages of ISO 9001 accreditation efficiently and easily.

Once you’ve implemented all the modules, the certification requirements will automatically be met without having to worry about anything extra.

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A Quality Management system is a set of defined policies, procedures & processes which when complied to ensure higher customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. A Quality Management system spans across all the business processes of the organization including support processes like Training. Hence, it drives a holistic approach on Quality Management into the organization. ISO 9001 is the world renowned standard on which the Quality Management System of many organizations are based upon. ISO 9001 lists set of requirements i.e. clauses, which are to be complied with by the organization for successful certification. Quality Management systems of organizations are built upon to address these clauses. Development of Quality Management system involves conversion of the standard’s clauses into procedures, formats, checklists in line with the organization’s business needs, business profile, business processes, number of employees, organizational structure, number of locations and other specific requirements of the organization, if any.

Off late, Quality Management systems are available in the market in the form of Quality Management system software. Apart from providing a readymade QMS these applications facilitate easy and quick deployment of the QMS across the organization, irrespective of the size, number of locations. These applications have pre-built workflows which when used ensure automatic compliance to the QMS and hence compliance to ISO 9001. The biggest advantage of a QMS software application is that it has it reduces the typical paper work, record maintenance while still ensuring compliance to ISO 9001.

Use Effivity to make sure you meet all the ISO 9001 certification requirements without ever having to worry about missing any of them!

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Effivity is a popular software application which is built in with features that address all the requirements of ISO 9001. The major modules of Effivity are

  1. Management Review
  2. Internal Audit
  3. Purchase
  4. Operations
  5. Risks and Opportunities
  6. Context of the organization
  7. Documentation
  8. Quality Policy and Objective
  9. Design and Development
  10. HR
  11. Data Analysis

All the requirements of ISO 9001 clauses have been embedded into these modules in a easy deployable fashion.. Anyone with no knowledge of ISO 9001 or Quality Management systems can also get used to these modules quickly. When done manually, complying with the requirements of ISO 9001 is often a tedious and time consuming process for the following reasons.

  • It is often difficult to understand the requirements and interpret them from the organization’s perspective
  • To define procedures to meet those requirements is a challenging exercise with requires specialized skills.
  • To train the employees on the Quality Management system is a huge task, more so when the number of employees is high.
  • With a pen and paper environment, the effort required to comply with the documentation requirements is high and often tiring.

Through it’s built in Quality Management system which is user friendly and simple, Effivity ensures that the above mentioned challenges in meeting the requirements of ISO 9001 are addressed easily. Effivity has already been used in many organizations who have successfully achieved ISO 9001 certification; it is but obvious that the requirements of ISO 9001 are completely addressed by Effivity.