When looking for an ISO 9001 pdf, people either want a copy of the standard in pdf format, or want to know how to implement it.

Rather than obtaining ISO 9001 in pdf format, or trying to figure out how to implement the standard, using Effivity software will teach you what you need to know while you’re actively building a QMS for your company.

The Effivity team has spent hours scrutinising ISO 9001 pdfs to learn exactly what they need to build into the software. This means you don’t need to download or look at a single ISO 9001 pdf, but can simply start using Effivity immediately.

There is no need to worry about or learn all the ISO 9001 requirements from a pdf, as you can be sure everything has been catered for and is ready for you to use.

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ISO 9001 is a Quality Management system standard which helps organizations to deliver consistent quality of products/services. ISO 9001 follows a process approach towards Quality Management standard. ISO 9001 is published by International Organization for Standardization. The latest version of ISO 9001 is ISO 9001:2015. ISO 9001 prescribes the requirements for the Quality Management system of organizations. When complied to these requirements, organizations are certified to ISO 9001. An external audit by accredited certification bodies verifies the compliance of the organizations to the standard’s requirements, before recommending for certification. ISO 9001 is the most popular quality management system standard which is widely across the world. Being a generic standard, ISO 9001 is applicable for all industry sectors. It is used widely both in product as well as service sectors.

Organizations desirous of getting certified to ISO 9001 typically follow the following approach.

  1. Awareness training
  2. Hiring of consultant
  3. Gap analysis
  4. QMS definition
  5. Training to the organization
  6. Deployment
  7. Internal Audit
  8. External Audit
  9. Certification

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The above described approach is not only time and effort consuming but also tedious. Moreover, due to this approach, often the ISO 9001 based systems are deployed as an additional activity over and above the existing routine operations. i.e., the quality management system processes (based on ISO 9001) are not integrated into the organizational processes. Due to this approach, apart from missing out on the true benefits of the system implementation, organizations end up losing previous man-hours of their staff. Off late, software packages have arrived in the market that automates the entire set of activities described above. The advantage of using software packages for the system deployment is manifold.

  1. They ensure that the quality management system processes are integrated into the organizational processes
  2. Time, cost and effort are saved as the ISO 9001 requirements are already built in into the package
  3. The package provides a user friendly environment and acts as a central repository for all the organizational processes

Effivity is one such package which provides a state of the art environment for ISO 9001 deployment. The following features of Effivity ensure that your organization’s processes are fully in line with the requirements of ISO 9001.

  1. Context of the Organization
  2. Risks and opportunities
  3. Quality Policy and Objective
  4. Internal Audit
  5. Management Review
  6. Purchase
  7. Operations
  8. Data Analysis
  9. Nonconformance
  10. Marketing
  11. HR

Apart from ensuring 100% compliance to the standard, Effivity provides a robust and user friendly environment that facilitates efficient management of the organizational process. The modules of Effivity have been designed such that it makes you create and maintain the various documents and records required by ISO 9001, hence keeping you audit ready, at any point of time. Effivity platform ensures process conformity and discipline in the organization, thanks to its workflow and module design. Effivity is fully configurable to your organizational requirements, without compromising on ISO 9001 compliance. In short, Effivity is the experience and knowledge of seasoned quality management professionals which makes your quality management journey simple, efficient and beneficial.