Using our Effivity software means you don’t need a ISO certification wiki page

A ISO certification wiki page would be great for people who have never heard of ISO 9001 and want to know a bit more.

There is however not a ISO certification wiki page last time we looked, and if you’re serious about implementing an ISO 9001 Quality Management System, you would not find any value in a ISO 9001 wiki page.

Effivity management software is so intuitive and easy to use with context sensitive help available for every module, form and field, it becomes much more useful than what any ISO certification wiki page could ever be.

Implementing an ISO 9001 system with Effivity is in fact much easier than trying to find out what to do on an ISO certification wiki page.

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ISO certification typically refers to an organization’s certification to ISO 9001 standard. ISO 9001 is the most popular and widely used standard amongst the family of ISO standards. ISO 9001 standard is a Quality Management system standard that defines the requirements for Quality Management system of an organization. Organization’s willing to get certified to ISO 9001 need to meet the requirements of ISO 9001 and the same should be validated from an external certification body through external audits. Following are the typical phases/milestones in an ISO certification journey: Gap Analysis, QMS definition, Training, QMS deployment, Internal Audits, Management Review, External audit i.e. certification audit. ISO 9001 is a generic standard which is applicable regardless of the industry type or organization’s size.

The use of Quality Management system software in the ISO certification journey is increasing by the day. Major reasons for using such Quality Management system software are: reduction in time required for certification, reduction in cost of certification, reduction in compliance effort, ease of maintaining records, automatic assurance for compliance. As these Quality Management system come with pre defined Quality Management systems, the time spent by the organizations in Gap analysis and Quality Management system definition are reduced. Moreover, as the Quality Management system provide automation of the workflows and the documentation of the QMS activities, the time spent on training, deployment and record keeping/documentation are also reduced. Since these software packages come with pre defined QMS, they win on the cost front as well, when compared to traditional methods of deploying QMS.

Use Effivity to implement your ISO 9001 QMS easier than what it would be to gain information from an ISO certification wiki page.

Get your Free trial today and learn everything you need to know while implementing the ISO 9001 system quickly and easily.

Effivity is proven, popular and widely recognized Quality Management system software. Effivity has been successfully used across organizations in different industry and organizations of different sizes in their ISO certification journey. Using Effivity provides your organization a significant edge in your ISO certification journey as the QMS of Effivity is proven, time tested and at the same time is simple, easy, understandable and usable. The robust and intuitive user interface of Effivity makes your ISO certification journey a cake walk. The Quality Management system of Effivity strikes the best balance between compliance to the ISO 9001 standard and keeping the Quality Management system simple for your organization. Being a web based software, Effivity is accessible anywhere, anytime across the organization.

The biggest value addition of Effivity is that it tightly integrates your organizational business processes with the ISO 9001 requirements, thereby offering maximum benefits to your organization out of the ISO certification. Effivity is already compliant to the latest version of ISO 9001, i.e. ISO 9001:2015. Effivity makes the toughest part of ISO certification easy i.e. document and record management. Being a web based system; Effivity automatically retains all the documents and records which are required for a successful certification audit. Also, Effivity is also carrying ISO 14001 (Environmental Management system) and ISO 45001 (Health and Safety Management system) in it, which will be handy for the organization when it decides to extend its certifications to these systems.