We get you going with your ISO certification process steps.

Although it is not possible to complete the ISO registration process online, as you will need to get external auditors to certify your ISO system for accreditation, we can help you by implementing the complete ISO system online on our servers.

You can design and implement your ISO system completely only by using Effivity. There is no need for a paper based system that needs to be distributed and controlled. All employees will be able to access the system online from wherever they are.

The Effivity system contains all the elements and forms required by ISO. Simply customize the various modules with your company’s specific details. This will allow you to be up and running with you Management System in no time, ready to be certified to the ISO standard you choose.

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ISO 9001 is the world’s most popular Quality Management system standard. Worldwide, organizations use ISO 9001 based Quality Management system to streamline their processes and thereby achieve higher customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. Organizations need to get certified to ISO 9001 by accredited certification bodies. These certification bodies conduct external audit to verify the compliance of the organization to the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard. For the purpose of certification, organizations need to register with the certification bodies.

Typically, organizations engage QMS consultants to take them through the ISO 9001 journey. The consultancy support for QMS certification is available online also. The sophisticated form of the consultancy is available in the form of QMS software packages. These QMS software packages are built in pre defined Quality Management system which when deployed in the organization ensures automatic compliance to ISO 9001. User organizations can procure such software from the web. Most often these software packages are web based and hence can be accessed anytime anywhere across the organization. Most often, when registered to such packages, consultancy is also provided to the user organization. Hence, use of such online QMS software packages provides schedule, time and cost advantage to the organizations in their ISO 9001 journey.

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Effivity is popular online QMS software wherein many organizations have registered and successfully certified to ISO 9001. Registration to Effivity provides a Quality Management System to the organization which is simple, easy to deploy and flexible. Apart from ensuring compliance to ISO 9001, Effivity’s Quality Management system ensures that the organization’s business processes are fully integrated with the Quality Management system processes, thereby maximizing the benefits of ISO 9001 deployment. Effivity is in line with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015, which is the latest version. With Effivity, deployment of the Quality Management system in the organization is quick, easy and simple, thanks to the intuitive user interface and simple workflows and forms. Apart from addressing the basic requirements of ISO 9001, Effivity provides data analysis dashboards which facilitate effective data analysis and decision making in the organization. Following are the major modules of Effivity which translate the ISO 9001 requirements into organizational processes.

  • Purchasing
  • Design and Development
  • Internal Audit
  • Management Review
  • HR
  • Marketing
  • Policy & Objective
  • Marketing
  • Data Analysis
  • Quality
  • Risks and opportunities
  • Context of the organization

When used across the organization, Effivity ensures that the documents and records created are automatically generated which go a long way during the external audit. The cost and time advantage of Effivity comes from the fact the automated QMS significantly reduces the effort and time involved in QMS deployment across the organization. The unique value proposition of Effivity is that the modules translate the ISO 9001 requirements in an operational fashion, so that the end users (employees of the organization) need not to understand the terminologies and requirements of ISO 9001, however they can fully comply with it just by following the work flow of the respective modules. In short, it can be assured that registration to Effivity online ensures not only successful ISO 9001 certification but also increase in customer satisfaction & operational efficiency in your organization.