The importance of quality audit in ISO 9001 should not be underestimated as it ensures that all processes within your organization are running effectively according to the way they were designed.

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The Quality audit process in ISO 9001 requires that each and every element of the system be audited yearly to make sure that each element has been implemented according to the standard’s requirement, and that the elements are applied to the company’s operations properly. In addition, external auditors from the certifying body will audit the system annually to ensure that the system still meets accreditation requirements.

With Effivity the importance of quality audit are catered for and built into the system. The system has an internal audit module that defines the Quality audit process for you. The system will keep track of the quality audit plan and notify the responsible person when the next internal audit is due.

As Effivity caters for the importance of quality audit, making internal and external audits become a breeze. Many certifying bodies have approved management systems implemented with Effivity and love the ease and speed with which they can conduct their annual audit.

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