Using QMS software open source means you’ll still have to make any changes yourself and you don’t know how robust the software is.

Rather than using QMS software open source where you can never be sure if it works properly, why not use our award winning Effivity software and be sure you get the best system available.

Our team have decades of experience in quality management systems and know how to develop software that caters for your exact requirements while being robust and cost effective.

If you decide to use QMS software open source you can never be sure if all the requirements in the standard have been catered for, and if something goes wrong and you can’t get support, you might have to scrap months of hard work.

When you use Effivity QMS software, you can be absolutely sure that all requirements are met, and you’ll always have an expert time standing by to assist you with any problems you might experience. Does that not sound like a more logical option?

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Quality Management system is a set of procedures, templates , checklists and other artifacts that are defined for deployment in an organization. Typically, Quality management systems are defined in line with national/international standards. ISO 9001 is the most popular and widely used Quality Management System standard. Typically , Quality Management system documents are defined by QMS specialists and are held in pen and paper form or electronic form. However, with the advent of web based technology, use of web based software for defining and deploying QMS has increased over the years. Thanks to the availability of centralized access and document storage facility, the use of QMS software has become a valuable proposition for organizations. Open source QMS software are available as well, however the availability of extensive features , ease of use and deployment in real life organizational environment remain doubtful in these open source applications.

QMS software, open source or otherwise provide an array of advantages to the user organization. Apart from bringing a readymade, efficient, easy to use , right sized Quality Management system to the organization, these software applications provide an interactive and user friendly front end which appeals the end users. The inherent value addition to the organization is not just the cost and time savings but also the truthful and efficient deployment of the ISO 9001 standard in its authentic sense.

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Effivity is one of the most popular and time tested Quality Management System software. Effivity is a cloud based application which delivers Quality Management System to suit your organization’s needs. The Quality Management system packaged inside Effivity is drawn from the requirements of ISO 9001:2015, which is the latest version of ISO 9001. The requirements/clauses of ISO 9001:2015 are translated into different modules of Effivity. Different roles of your organization are defined in the system and the pre defined work flow drives the organization’s activities in line with the pre defined procedures. By deploying Effivity in the organization, the organization saves effort and time spent towards getting trained in ISO 9001:2015, development of Quality Management System, Training all employees on the Quality Management system and deployment of the Quality Management system. Purchase, Design & Development, Operations, Marketing and HR.

Typical requirements of the ISO standard namely Internal Audit, Non conformance, Management Review and documented information are also addressed as separate modules in Effivity. The biggest value add of Effivity comes from the fact that it ensures complete integration of the organization’s day to day processes with the ISO 9001 clauses, thereby deriving best possible benefits from the ISO 9001 certification exercise. The specific requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 version , namely Risks & opportunities and Context of the Organization are seamlessly translated into the Quality Management system of Effivity thereby facilitating easy and efficient deployment of these requirements in your organization. Being a web based application, Effivity is ready to address the Quality Management needs of Multi sided organizations. Thanks to its inherent value add, Effivity is a compelling option for QMS software seekers.