Implementing QMS software for small business has never been easier of more cost effective!

Many people think that implementing QMS software for a small business is not economically viable, or will take too much time and tie up limited resources that could be better used elsewhere.

With Effivity QMS software for small business, this is no longer the case!

With Effivity software, you don’t have to spend hours trying to figure out what you need to do to implement your ISO 9001 QMS, nor do you need to hire an expensive consultant, something that no cash-strapped start up can afford.

Effivity QMS software for small business allows you to get going instantly. What’s more, Effivity integrates seamlessly into your normal business activities, so you won’t have to spend endless hours doing something that does not add value to your business.

Effivity QMS software for small business’ pricing has been designed to scale with your business, making it extremely affordable, no matter how small or how big your company is.

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QMS (Quality Management System) refers to set of defined procedures, templates and processes that drive the organization’s operations in line with the Quality Policy and the selected Management System standard. ISO 9001 is the most popular and widely used Management system standard across the world. Off late, the use of QMS software has become popular which provides cost efficiency as well as operational efficiency in deploying QMS across small businesses. A major factor that hinders QMS deployment in small businesses is the cost associated with the development of QMS procedures, training, deployment and record keeping. QMS software delivers all these at very low cost.

The advantages for QMS software in small business are multifold. One, they provide extreme cost advantage, two they cut down the cycle time of QMS dramatically, three; they provide seamless record keeping at very minimal cost. The readymade QMS package which is part of the QMS software places the small businesses at an advantageous position in their QMS journey. The cost and time saved in understanding, interpreting and developing a QMS suitable to the business is reduced dramatically.

Use Effivity QMS software for small business to improve your business processes dramatically at a price you can afford.

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Effivity is a popular QMS software package that is widely used by small businesses across the globe. Effivity seamlessly translates ISO 9001 requirements in the context of small businesses. Major functionalities of Effivity are Internal Audit, Management Review, Control of documents, Quality Policy and Objectives, Corrective action, Purchase, Operations, Design & Development, Marketing,. Small businesses are starved for time and effort that they can spend towards ISO processes. Effivity addresses this pain area by providing a readymade platform of QMS procedures which has been developed by seasoned Quality Management professionals. These professionals have not only developed this Quality Management system to meet the requirements of ISO 9001 but also converted their invaluable tacit knowledge into additional elements of the QMS. Another typical pain area of small businesses is that they cannot spend much time and effort on ISO 9001 / Quality Management system training.

Effivity platform is so intuitive that every user automatically gets accustomed to the QMS procedures and processes and starts following them by default. The intuitive User Interface and the seamless inter modular interfaces of Effivity makes your ISO 9001 journey an exciting and enriching experience apart from ensuring compliance to the standard and certification thereby. The icing on the cake is that Effivity is already compliant with the latest version of ISO 9001, i.e. ISO 9001:2015. Small business may not be equipped with the necessary IT infrastructure to use such applications. Effivity provides a cloud based platform which provides a smooth and easy access to all your QMS documents, anywhere, anytime. Effivity is equipped with brilliant dashboards that provide a complete picture of the different processes of your organization and their performance trends. The biggest advantage of using Effivity is the tight integration it provides between your business operations/processes with the ISO 9001/QMS processes. Such integration ensures that your definition derives maximum benefit of ISO 9001 implementation and not just certification.