The short answer to the question “What role does auditing play in society?” is that it helps ensure that the right things are being done for the right reasons.

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“What role does auditing play in society?” is a question often asked by people that are not aware that ISO standards, including ISO 9001, have a requirement that states that all the elements of a quality system have to be audited internally at least once a year.

Effivity understands the importance of auditing in society. Without audits, the many things that could and do go wrong won’t be identified and corrected, resulting in substandard products and services that will ultimately be to the detriment of society. Effivity and has an audit module built in that will help you conduct your internal audits easily and on time.

The system will automatically notify the responsible person when an audit is due, and the audit results can easily be used to change the system so that it becomes more effective and improves continuously. At the same time, you’ll be making sure that your system meets all the requirements of the standard, and that what is defines in your system is in fact being applied to daily operations.

Don’t worry about What role does auditing play in society, but start using Effivity today, knowing that your QMS auditing will always be up to date.

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