Feb 22, 2017

Manage your ISO 9001 compliance with Effivity

Achieving a standard is good, but staying at that standard shows the excellence. Many companies need to follow ISO 9001 requirements for quality management system. It can be overwhelming sometimes to abide by the requisites along with managing your business. We understand. However technology has emerged to a stage which makes this task quite easy and we call it Effivity. This solution has been introduced for keeping your strategies on track and to make your business up and running. Are you curious to know more about it? Let’s take a look on some catching features

  • Online cloud based software, developed on software as a service (SaaS) model for handling ISO 9001 compliance.
  • Intuitive, with user friendly interface.
  • Flexible and easily customized.
  • Completely ISO 9001 compliant for automating ISO procedure.

Avoid slipping of standards from the crack of mismanagement, as they require constant attention and improvement which is perfectly done by Effivity . It not only makes you stick to the compliance level but do more than that. Let’s make it simple. This software helps in getting flexibility, quality, productivity and efficiency.

In this world of competition, there is a need to produce high quality products at a low price. But yes, the regulatory standards imposed by the agencies like ISO are the unforgotten facets which need to be followed by each marketer. This has made quality management software (QMS) to reach at a different level of intricacy. The Effivity offered by Effivity Technologies increases efficiency while following all the guidelines of regulatory standards. Sounds good? Yeah…It is good.

Documented Information

Is it difficult for you to track important documents when they are actually needed? We have a simple solution for this which is known as Effivity . Documented information is the primary finding in compliance audits. We enable your company to fetch documents with a focus on paperless system, thus making it easier to control by minimizing printing, storing and management cost.

Process Measurement

You may find it tedious to collect processing data, analyze and apply it for increasing effectiveness and efficiency of your firm. But for software it is as simple as cutting a cake!! Comprehensive ISO software will fetch critical data and render real time dashboard, visual display and regular reports.

It’s the time to accelerate your business process and improve it with our software for getting more value from ISO 9001.

Corrective Action

Logging and tracking corrective action is another activity which creates problems for many organizations. Are you facing a similar problem? Integrating software will not only make tracking and logging of item simple but will bring open items in the attention of quality managers, which can be cleared before exceeding limit.

Customer Satisfaction Feedback

Collection of customer’s feedback is an imperative ISO 9001 requirement; still many organizations do it in an informal way. Give this task to Effivity . It will interface with sales and customer service for fetching feedback, analyzing real customer comments as an integral part of the QMS.

So are you looking for right ISO 9001 software? Your search is over then. Effivity , this new-age cloud based software is the answer helping you save your time and increase productivity.

 Automate with Effivity !!


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