Irrespective of the kind of operations an organisation performs, they all purchase products, services, solutions or consumables. These purchases can be incorporated into the organisation’s own product or service directly provided to the customer or used in a process or part of a process that is outsourced or subcontracted.

The ISO standard requires an organisation to exercise control over these external service, contractors, sub-contractors, outsourced service providers, product and process providers by managing how they are selected and initially evaluated, how they are re-evaluated at regular intervals and how required information is provided to service providers effectively and completely. The standard also requires an organisation to define how goods, services or materials will be inspected and accepted.

The Purchasing module of Effivity ensures you meet all these requirements in an effective, efficient and simple manner. The steps below demonstrate the capabilities of this module and show how you can comply with the requirements relevant to purchasing, external products, services or processing of purchasing related clauses of the standard.

  1. Define how you are going to select a particular supplier for a product, service or process. Carry out an initial evaluation of the supplier to check if the supplier can meet your business and organisational requirements. If the supplier is found suitable, this module of Effivity lets the user register suppliers by capturing contact details and product or service details.
  2. A list of approved suppliers is available in a read only version for ready reference if required.
  3. Capture the re-evaluation details of each supplier by providing a rating performance of the supplier for a particular period against predefined parameters.
  4. Define the criteria for outsourced process selection, control, monitoring and evaluation.
  5. Update purchase order details from an original purchase order to capture order information.
  6. When the ordered product, material, service or consumable is delivered, as per the incoming inspection quality plan defined in the Quality module of Effivity software, users can capture actual inspection results and accept or reject the delivery.
  7. Define, plan and track purchase objectives.
  8. Procedures and forms relating to purchasing can be captured in the Documented Information module.

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The comprehensive capabilities of this module enable the requirements of purchasing, procurement, control of externally provided products, services and processes related clauses to be addressed in a quick and simplified manner while ensuring 100% compliance with the ISO 9001:2015 standard. Contact us at info@effivity.com for further information or visit ISOCertification/Register.htm to subscribe to our award winning and one of a kind ISO 9001 QMS software.

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