Facility Management

Facility Management

In today’s increasingly competitive market place the facility management companies are required to provide the best value for its stakeholders. Effivity QMS and HSE Management software solution provides the opportunity to improve productivity, revenue generating capacity and enhance stakeholder’s perception of the facility management company. Using world leading QHSE software platform to implement, certify and maintain management system as per ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001 facility management companies can manage multiple projects better, reduce customer complaints and enhance HSE performance.

Quality Management System ISO 9001 for facility management companies with Effivity

  • Be cost efficient and extend the life of exiting assets, prioritize and analyze critical vs trivial issues and define a resolution for smooth operation of the facility with Effivity QMS Operations module. This module, among its other applications, enables the Facility management industry to identify assets and or equipment, create preventive maintenance schedule and monitor breakdowns and establish proper inspection protocol.
  • Ease compliance standards management. Identify stakeholders’ requirements and proactively coordinate, manage, and monitor internal and external risks associated with facility regulatory compliance by taking advantage of the straightforward features of MYEasyISO QMS software solution.
  • Generate value and maximum benefit to customers by efficiently collecting, storing, securing, analyzing and operationalizing data. Effivity QMS Documented information module enables the organization, to control documented information, and determine their suitability and applicability.
  • Easily manage vendors and suppliers by employing Effivity QMS. Identify outsourced processes, make vendor / supplier selection decisions based on accumulated performance feedback, record and compare vendor information, and maintain searchable records of vendor certification by using the features of the Purchasing module.
  • Manage multiple site for facility management services using single login access and get a comprehensive view of performance of various sites and degree of compliance of their deliverables as per contractual obligations.

Environment Management System ISO 14001 for facility management companies with Effivity

  • Demonstrate environmental stewardship to stakeholders. Determine, quantify, control, monitor waste generation and find better ways to manage waste and to consume less energy overall by capitalizing the Waste Management module of Effivity HSE Management.
  • Respond to sustainability challenges to become more energy- and-carbon efficient, identify and monitor sources of emissions, evaluate existing controls, establish key performance indicators, assess existing facilities and continually improve processes with Effivity HSE Management Solution.

Health and Safety System ISO 45001 for facility management companies with Effivity

  • Ensure continuity of operations in the event of an emergency, create effective policies, emergency preparedness procedures and disaster management plans by taking advantage of the HSE Operations module of Effivity HSE Management solution. This module permits the organization to plan for any emergency and institute the appropriate response. It also promotes organizing emergency drills to refine emergency response procedures, assess response time and the training needs of emergency teams.
  • Ensure that the facility is always functionally operational and safe. Manage the life cycle concerns of the facility with the Life Cycle Management feature of Effivity QMS. Map potential hazards and determine health risk inherently associated with the facility or the processes and activities with HSE Planning module of Effivity HSE Management solution.
  • Promote health at work, and create a safe workplace for employees, Effivity HSE Management solution allows the organization to effectively manage health and safety in the workplace, prevent accidents and sickness absence. The Risk and Opportunities module of MYEasyISO QMS provides the risk picture of the enterprise and identify hazards and control risks in the workplace with the HSE Planning.

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