The manufacturing industry reliance on outsourcing and globalization reaped advantages of lowered costs but this trend also led to inefficiencies and quality issues. Maintain quality in the supply chain and processes, ensure compliance and efficiently manage change within the organization with Effivity QMS and HSE Management software solution.

Effivity enables any organization in manufacturing domain be it mechanical / engineering / electrical / electronic / chemical / food / pharmaceutical etc. design products, plan production, capture production data, manage suppliers, plan and execute incoming / inprocess / final inspections and quality checks, manage preventive & breakdown maintenance, follow calibration schedule etc. while managing HR, purchase, delivery, HSE risk assessment etc. in the most appropriate manner.

Quality Management System ISO 9001 for manufacturing industry with Effivity

  • Conveniently manage compliance reporting and keep abreast with regulations. Effivity QMS allows manufacturing organizations to determine stakeholders and their expectations. Identify regulatory and statutory requirements with the Compliance obligation module of Effivity HSE Management.
  • Effivity QMS solution ensures manufacturers complete visibility throughout their supply chain. Accredit and re-evaluate suppliers with the use of the Purchasing module. Establish quality plans and inspection activities for own compliance with the Quality module and progressively identify improvement opportunities.
  • Mitigate cost-of-poor-supply and the cost-of-non-conformance; the Non-Conformance module of Effivity QMS enables the manufacturing industry to accurately record accurate supplier non-conformance and have traceable, retrievable disposition related information. Assess the compliance levels of suppliers with set standards by conducting systematic quality audits with the Internal Audit and Purchasing module.
  • Eliminate delayed and inflexible reporting, empower the management with timely and actionable information. The Report and Data analysis module of Effivity QMS eliminates excessive time and effort in aggregating and compiling data into meaningful reports and recommendations.
  • Effivity QMS software solution permits early detection and identification of errors or non-conformances. Streamline operations, analyze and validate processes against set acceptance criteria by taking advantage of the functionalities of the Operation module. The Quality module supports the formulation of quality plans, inspection regimes, maintain traceable and retrievable records of inspections it also seizes the opportunities for improvements. Effivity QMS enables the manufacturing industry to uphold and constantly improve process quality.

Environment Management System ISO 14001 for manufacturing industry with Effivity

  • Increase operational efficiency, reduce costs and waste, enhance competitiveness and product safety with sustainable manufacturing. Effivity HSE Management solution allows the organization to:
    • Assess its processes and activities and their impact to the environment.
    • Monitor and control discharges to the environment.
    • Identify, monitor and validate the appropriate control to mitigate, if not eliminate harmful discharges to the environment.
    • Manage waste and initiate recycling programs
    • Constantly evaluate sustainability initiatives
    • Consider life cycle approach while planning, purchasing, producing, delivering or disposing products.
    • Manage EMS policy, objectives, documents and entire compliance as per ISO 14001:2015 standard using a software that has saves you over 85% of the time in managing your ISO compliance when compared to traditional manual ways of managing ISO.

Health and Safety

  • Ensure Workplace safety, identify hazards, and eliminate hazard exposures and dangerous work practices. The HSE Planning module of Effivity HSE Management solution allows the manufacturing industry to: identify processes and or activities and evaluate associated risk, implement controls and determine the efficiency of these controls.
  • Be prepared to respond to emergencies in the workplace. The HSE Operations module of Effivity HSE Management equips the manufacturing industry to identify emergency types, the type of resources and response items tailored to specific work environments.
  • Keep abreast with current best practices and address the training needs of the workforce to ensure operational safety, response and orderly conduct during emergencies. Complement the operational readiness of the HSE Operation with the HR module of Effivity QMS to evaluate competencies and identify the training requirements of the workforce.
  • Identify the appropriate personal protective equipment for each process or activity. Ensure fitness of use and effectively manage PPE distribution and inspections by utilizing the HSE Operations module of Effivity HSE Management solution.
  • Manage policy, objectives, plans, SOPs, operational control, performance indicators and entire occupational health safety documentation with respect to ISO 45001 standard.

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