Customer satisfaction can only be achieved when an organisation delivers quality output that meets the stated and implied needs of the customer. Quality is a culture and it must form the foundation of the organisation to enable it to succeed. With this philosophy in mind, the Quality module of Effivity captures strategic, tactical and operational quality data to meet the requirements of incoming inspection, in process inspection, final inspection and improvements.

The Quality module of Effivity ensures you meet the various requirements across the standard applicable to product, service and project quality in an effective, efficient and simple manner. The steps below demonstrate the capabilities of this module and show how you can comply with the requirements relevant to various related clauses of the standard.

  1. Users can define incoming inspection quality plans for various raw materials, purchased products, services and consumables. It allows users to define what to inspect, how to inspect, inspection responsibility, sampling %, acceptance criteria, etc. as part of the incoming inspection quality plan. When an actual purchase is made and delivery is received, users can capture an incoming inspection quality record for all purchased products and services. Actual inspection results can be entered, and products and services can be accepted or rejected. Deviation and rejection records can also be created if required.
  2. In order to ensure an organisation captures deviations and non-conformities as they happen without waiting for final inspection, Effivity provides the capability to define an in-process quality plan against a specific process; in-process inspection criteria can be defined. When the actual in-process inspection takes place, results can be recorded against a specific process or work order.
  3. To enable an organisation to ensure that the final output generated is exactly as per customer requirements, contractual agreements and the organisation’s commitment, this module allows users to define a final inspection quality plan covering what to inspect, how to inspect, inspection responsibility, sampling %, acceptance criteria, etc. for various products, services and projects delivered. Before each delivery of a product or service or the completion of a project, relevant final inspection records can be compared to identified acceptance criteria.
  4. Any improvement opportunities arising out of activities, monitoring, measurement and business intelligence acquired can be formally defined as an improvement project. This ensures the organisation improves continually, and strategic objectives are achieved while realizing its vision and mission.
  5. Procedures and forms related to quality can be captured in the Documented Information module.

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The comprehensive capabilities of this module ensure all requirements pertaining to the strategic, tactical and operational quality of an organisation are addressed in a quick and simplified manner while achieving 100% compliance with the ISO 9001:2015 standard Contact us at info@effivity.com for further information or visit ISOCertification/Register.htm to subscribe to our award winning and one of a kind Quality Inspection and QMS software.

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