Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas

  • The operating landscape of the oil and gas industry is unique and demanding. Effivity provides a comprehensive and user friendly software in the management and governance of quality, environment and health & safety that satisfies the needs of the Oil and Gas industry.
  • From exploration to production, Effivity provides the best and globally acclaimed software to manage ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & ISO 45001 for all organizations in the Oil and Gas Industry to manage all compliance obligations and deliver superior output.

Quality Management System ISO 9001 for oil & gas industry with Effivity

The segmentation of the oil and gas industry, globalization of crude oil and gas markets and their infrastructures, regional differences of business practices and preferred standards, joint ventures, the risks and complexity of large projects driven by various companies with specialized skills stresses the ever pressing need for oil and gas companies to focus on compliance to regulations; operators and suppliers alike face heavy scrutiny considering that failure to deliver quality products will have adverse consequences to life, property and the environment. Effivity - QMS for ISO 9001:2015 is the best solution for Quality Management System Compliance. It is collaborative, robust and incredibly user-friendly. Manages customers, processes and products/services/projects effectively and controls deviations and non-compliance in the most effective manner. It helps in planning and managing risks so that you achieve business objectives.

Environmental management System ISO 14001 for oil & gas industry with Effivity

Oil and gas operations have a potential for a variety of impacts to the environment which are dependent on the complexity of the project, sensitivity of the surrounding environment, effectiveness of operational planning, control, pollution prevention and mitigation. Effivity - EMS for ISO 14001:2015 satisfies every conformance and compliance required as per Environment Management System standard to enhance your environmental performance. Robust and interrelated modules that manage environmental risks, help an organization mitigate them effectively, bring life cycle perspective from environment management system standard requirement. Implement regulatory and legal compliance and ensure effective impact analysis, planning and controlling of operations using this software which makes your EMS compliance simple and result oriented.

Occupational Health & Safety Management System ISO 45001 for oil & gas industry with Effivity

Geographically extended operations of the Oil and Gas industry, varying operating conditions, shifting culture with the newly acquired companies, identification of business level risks, asset integrity, building a safety oriented culture, a safer workplace, employee hazard recognition are the most prominent issues that stresses the commitment for HSE governance; Effivity - HSMS for ISO 45001 helps in implementing and enhancing health and safety management system of an organization. It is the hassle-free and convenient way of OHSAS certification. Define and monitor health and safety policy, carry out risk assessment, identify objectives and enhance legal, statutory and regulatory compliance of the organization using various modules of the software. Capture various operation control plans, risk mitigation plan, documentation and accident / incident with this award winning software

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