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In today’s marketplace, managing your environmental impact and providing your products and services in a sustainable manner is not just a good idea, it’s the way you need to do business in order to survive. That is why companies all over the world are implementing environmental management systems to improve environmental performance, fully meet all compliance obligations and attain environmental objectives. It’s not enough to meet all applicable environmental laws, but it is a desire to improve environmental performance that sets companies apart in today’s marketplace.

This may seem like a daunting task, however Effivity makes implementing an environmental management system quick and easy. You can easily identify your environmental impacts and work out the best ways to control your environmental performance, while effortlessly implementing all of the elements of ISO14001:2015 EMS, the international standard recognized worldwide as the foundation of a robust environmental management system.

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Environmental compliance

One key element of the ISO 14001 requirements is for your company to identify, understand, and keep up to date on the legal requirements that are applicable to your company, as well as applicable statutory, regulatory and compliance obligations, and monitor your compliance with those laws and requirements. Effivity enables you to create a central repository of these environment compliances, identify responsibilities, upload relevant documents and process them for managing your compliance obligation. Auto reminders and workflow enable you to manage the entire life cycle of compliance obligations. Read More

Environmental policy, objectives and planning

ISO 14001:2015 requires an organisation to define EMS policy, communicate to employees and ensure everybody in the organisation understands the environmental policy. Effivity enables you to have a sound environmental policy in place. Environment objectives which are SMART can be defined by Effivity, which offers flow approval to ensure objectives are reviewed at the required level and published thereafter. Planning for objectives guides your organisation to prepare a comprehensive plan to achieve your objectives. Auto reminder ensures you monitor and track the objectives at a pre-defined interval. Everyone can have access to the environmental objectives screen and contribute effectively to the achievement of the environment policy and objectives for the organisation.

Environmental aspects and impacts

Environmental aspects, which are the ways your business processes interact with the environment, are the backbone of the ISO 14001 standard. By understanding and controlling these interactions you are able to monitor, measure, control and improve the environmental performance of your company. Effivity enables you to identify aspects and related environmental impacts associated with your processes, facilities, projects, products and services and life cycle perspective, evaluate them on a set of parameters to rate and identify significant aspects and finally determine plans to mitigate these significant aspects. Read More

Managing risks, opportunities and continual improvement of your environment management system

Environmental risks and opportunities are as individual as your company, so only you know what risks and opportunities are applicable to your processes. Effivity enables you to define context of the organisation, internal and external issues to your environment management system, interested parties to your EMS with needs and expectations of these stakeholders and associated risks and opportunities. By understanding the risks and opportunities present, you can find better ways to improve your environmental management system and your environmental performance.

Environment emergency preparedness planning and response

With Effivity you can identify all environmental emergencies, prepare a plan to respond to these emergencies, train employees and schedule emergency response drills. Organisations can evaluate the effectiveness of the drill and enhance the plan accordingly. Any actual emergency that happens can be captured with Effivity to investigate the root cause and identify corrective actions. Read More

Environment Management System ISO 14001 documentation

Effivity offers a documented information module to create, approve, manage and control various documents and records for your environment management system. Organisations can manage the entirety of ISO 14001 documents and records at a central repository found in the documented information module of Effivity. The document change control, change management and version history feature ensures that the most recent version of the document is identified and available to the user. Processes can be identified across the organisation and departments with the built in SOP builder to create your procedures and work flow. An EMS Manual, procedures, flow charts, templates, forms, SOPs and guidelines can be effectively managed with Effivity to aid your ISO 14001 implementation and certification.

Drive environmental performance through empowerment

When you empower your employees to drive sustainability and environmental performance, you can allow for the greatest improvements in your environmental performance. While some environmental management systems exclude employees, the very people who know the processes the best, Effivity allows for employee integration into the environmental management system so improvements can be identified, implemented and sustained. Environmental management is everyone’s responsibility.

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Effivity software for environmental management system implementation and certification

With Effivity managing these necessary elements of your environmental management system becomes an effortless process as you can quickly store, monitor, measure and update your records for easy control over your environmental management system processes.

Effivity makes it easy to:

  • Comply with the internationally recognized standard ISO 14001
  • Ensure and maintain legal compliance with environmental laws
  • Identify and capitalize on environmental risks and opportunities
  • Control, monitor and measure environmental interactions and enhance EMS performance
  • Track continual improvement of your environmental performance

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