Waste Management

A big part of an organisation’s responsibility in terms of EMS is that the waste produced needs to be managed . An organisation typically produces three main types of waste – air emissions, water/ liquid waste and solid waste.

This module allows a user to determine different types of waste associated with each of the organisation’s processes by capturing a profile for each waste type. Once the various waster profiles have been captured, the organisation can monitor the waste it produces on a regular basis. The module also allows additional waste control processes to be defined and captured. The purpose of these controls is to enable the organisation to reduce the amount of waste it produces. The module also allows potential recycling or reduction measures to be managed when the waste is monitored.

The Waste Management module of Effivity ensures you meet these requirements in an effective, efficient and simple manner. The steps below list the capabilities of this module and show how to comply with the requirements relevant to this clause.

  1. The organisation first needs to develop waste management policies and specifications. Once done, the following waste profiles need to be captured:
    1. Air Emissions Profile
    2. Water Waste Profile
    3. Solid Waste Profile
  2. Once the profiles are in place, they need to be monitored on a regular basis and the actual air, liquid and solid waste generated across the organisation needs to be captured:
    1. Air Emissions Monitoring
    2. Water Waste Monitoring
    3. Solid Waste Monitoring
  3. The organisation then needs to monitor adherence to applicable acceptable compliance parameters. Effivity provides auto notifications that make this easy.
  4. In addition, the following parameters can be configured to enable users to capture data easily and consistently:
    1. Air Emissions Composition
    2. Air Emissions Additional Control
    3. Air Emissions Unit
    4. Water Waste Composition
    5. Water Waste Additional Control
    6. Water Waste Unit
    7. Solid Waste Unit
    8. Solid Waste Type

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The comprehensive capabilities of this module enable all requirements of this clause to be addressed in a quick and simplified manner while ensuring 100% compliance with the ISO 14000:2015 standard. Contact us at info@Effivity.com for further information, or visit ISOCertification/Register.htm to subscribe to our award winning waste management software as per ISO 14001 compliance requirements.

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