Managing the risk and uncertainties inherent in the energy industry, and the clamor for sustainable practices continue to be a distinct hurdle for duty holders; Effivity QMS and HSE Management software solution gives the organization the capability overcome these challenges.

Quality Management System ISO 9001 for energy industry with Effivity

  • To be able to compete in the energy industry, compliance to recognized quality management requirements such as ISO 9001, amongst others, is an absolutely mandatory requirement. Effivity QMS and HSE Solution enables organizations in the energy industry the most comprehensive and complete ISO 9001:2015 QMS, ISO 14001:2015 EMS and ISO 45001 software solution for management system implementation, certification, maintenance and continuous improvement.
  • Realize improved performance and optimization of day-to-day activities with Effivity QMS software solution. Generate a risk register associated with the organization’s operation with the Risk & Opportunity module. Provide operational efficiency and effectiveness by taking advantage of the capabilities of the Operations intelligent module in planning, identifying and monitoring operational.
  • Overcome regulatory uncertainty and changes in the energy market; Effivity QMS software solution allows the organization to identify stakeholders and ascertain their expectations with the Context of Organization intelligent module. Map the industry’s regulatory/compliance obligation by using the features of the Compliance Obligation of Effivity HSE Management module.
  • Enhance performance of the employees by effective role assignment, responsibilities and authority identification, competence mapping and performance evaluation, training need identification and training effectiveness evaluation.
  • Manage processes, documentation, version control, document change control, external origin documents effectively with Effivity.
  • Take control of customer complaints and enhance customer satisfaction by engaging with the customers and managing CRM in a better manner.
  • Identify, track, maintain and manage your assets, equipment and resources as per international best practices to enhance their uptime while reducing breakdowns and enhanced calibration compliance.
  • Plan, conduct and manage internal audits, management reviews, improvement projects, HR, sales, CRM, purchase, operations, quality etc. from a single login to enable you manage your QMS like never before.

Environment Management System ISO 14001 for energy industry with Effivity

  • Effivity HSE module, allows the duty holder to acknowledge the demands of governments and consumers of easily accessible energy and sustainable operations. Accurately identify potential environmental hazards and sources of waste with the HSE Planning intelligent. Utilize the Waste management module to monitor, measure, mitigate and control emissions. Assess the organization’s degree of conformity to its stakeholders with the Performance Evaluation module.
  • The activities of energy companies are affected by a broad range of regulatory requirements. Effivity HSE Compliance Obligation module facilitates the maximum use of the regulatory environment that enables duty holder to respond to objectives in the fields of energy policy, emissions and climate change.
  • Plan, test and improve your environment emergency preparedness with Effivity.
  • Define environment monitoring parameters / KPIs / objectives, prepare plant to achieve them and track your performance against those.

Health and Safety Management System ISO 45001 with Effivity

  • Identify, eliminate, mitigate and control occupational health and safety hazards or unfamiliar hazardous activities with Effivity HSE Planning and Operations modules that could result in multiple fatalities and serious injuries and/or widespread damage to property, employees, visitors, contractors and surrounding community because of a single incident. Have a total risk picture of the duty holder’s activities and processes by using functionalities of the Hazard – Risk module of Effivity HSE..
  • Safeguard workforces from a diverse range of on-site safety hazards, some of which could pose a risk of death or serious injury. Effivity HSE Planning module gives the duty holder the capability to promptly identify hazards and initiate the appropriate controls. Develop activity specific KPIs, HSE inspections and checklist with the Performance Evaluation module of Effivity HSE software solution.
  • Effivity HSE and Effivity QMS assists the duty holder in determining the hazards rooted in the fundamental nature of the energy generation technologies concerned. Users can collaborate on this next generation HSE software to scrutinize processes, pin-point hazards, determine and install the appropriate operation controls to mitigate if not eliminate a variety of health and safety risks energy technologies pose to members of the public living or working near them.
  • Manage emergency preparedness, PPEs, access control, HSE training, policy, objectives, procedures, work instructions, method statements and entire documentation effortlessly and in employee friendly manner to ensure document control and 100% compliance to ISO 45001 standard.

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