• The Aviation industry is a capital intensive, labor intensive and service driven domain where competitiveness, quality, sustainability and safety is the norm rather than an option. Effivity Quality and HSE Management software solution satisfies the demanding requirements of customers, regulators, state policies and local obligations for any organization in the aviation domain. Effivity software enables any organization be it a manufacturing company, trading company or service provider in aviation industry domain to implement ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, AS 9100:2016 Rev D, AS 9120:2016 Rev A, ISO 10001, ISO 10002 standards effectively and efficiently.
  • The competition in the aviation industry is intense and coupled with the ever increasing compliance requirements amplifies the demand of a streamlined system. Effivity provides a comprehensive software solution for the governance, risk and compliance management of quality, environment and Health & Safety that meets the growing needs of the Aviation industry through an employee friendly and comprehensive ISO Software to manage entire QHSE online.

Quality Management System ISO 9001 for Aviation Industry with Effivity

  • Meeting the ever increasing demand for quality product and services that are affordable and safe: Effivity QMS provide full control over the assessment, acceptance and processing of products and services prior to delivery to the end-user through comprehensive quality plans, incoming, in process and final inspection quality inspection data.
  • Effivity QMS provides the flexibility to adapt to changing business processes by providing the capability to define the stakeholders, their expectations, map the impact of the organization to the stakeholders and by identifying the risk and using the opportunities.
  • Consolidate voluminous data into information and actionable decisions: Effivity QMS offers the capability to manage and centralize documentations, process enquiries, customer feedback and generate reports.
  • Eliminate poor internal communications by easily disseminating the company’s communications policy, managing the content, responsibility and much more by using the Communication compliance module of Effivity QMS.
  • Managing, evaluating and reevaluating the suppliers, outsourced service providers and subcontractors effectively.
  • Managing policies, objectives, KPIs and goals at strategic, tactical and operational levels.
  • Managing Training, competence and performance of employees.

Environment Management System ISO 14001 for Aviation industry with Effivity:

  • Effivity HSE Management module allows the aviation industry to map, identify and monitor the various compliance obligations of the business with respect to environment. This supports the management of ever increasing compliance with laws, regulations and state policies.
  • Demonstrate responsible and sustainable aviation operations by addressing by addressing the customer’s and other stakeholders concern over environmental responsibility:
    • Effivity HSE Management Module refines and improves environmental performance based on feedback that is received through monitoring and assessment processes.
    • Identify, control and mitigate processes with corresponding impacts to the environment.
    • Classify processes that generate Hazardous/Solid Waste and monitor the effectiveness of the organization’s control over the activity and compliance to regulations with the Effivity HSE Management Module.
    • Define environment policy, environment objectives, carry out aspect impact analysis, identify significant environment objectives, prepare plan to achieve objectives, identify and track compliance objectives etc. are some of the main features an organization in the aviation field can achieve with Effivity ISO 14001 software to manage their EMS – Environment Management System compliance.

Health and Safety

  • Manage occupational health safety and control risks across departments, processes and functions in a highly complex environment of aviation by using the HSE Planning  module of Effivity HSE Management.
  • The Performance Evaluation Effivity HSE Management supports the identification, establishment and monitoring of key performance indicators that are crucial to the success to the HSE program and organization.
  • Effivity Quality and HSE management modules seamlessly integrate safety, quality and risk management programs without disrupting validated processes.
  • Health safety policy, health safety objectives, risk assessment, identification of significant risks, plan to mitigate risks, emergency preparedness planning and evaluation, PPE management etc. are some of the important tasks which can be executed easily by any organization in the aviation field to enhance their health safety performance.

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