Effivity QMS and HSE Management software solutions permits the banking industry adapt to contemporary innovations, mitigate risks and support a broad range of compliance and operational excellence initiatives in the quality, environment and health – safety domain.


  • Effivity QMS software solution enables the banking industry to streamline processes, improve quality of service, service levels and customer experience.
  • Drive business improvements through data, analytics and quality information with the Reports and Analysis module.
  • Ensure process reliability with the Operations module.
  • Identify workforce competencies and training needs and prevent ambiguities in the decision making responsibility with the HR module.
  • Readily process and manage customer feedback with the Marketing module.
  • Define policy and objectives, process indicators and KPIs. Regulatory monitor performance and identify improvement opportunities.
  • Manage policies, procedures, SOPs, work instructions, operational / department manuals and availability of the most recent version of the document whenever required with 24 X 7 role based access to ensure consistency, security and availability.

Environment Management System ISO 14001 for banks with Effivity

  • Initiate effective sustainability programs by actively engaging stakeholders in the banking industry; Effivity QMS and HSE Management solution allows the organization to clearly define which stakeholders are to be communicated with, for what purpose and on what issues.
  • Define the criteria to what extent stakeholders are affected by the banking industry’s activities. Address sustainability concerns and establish various performance criteria to determine if stakeholder engagement process is functioning adequately.
  • Identify any green initiatives which can help the bank to enhance environment performance.
  • Effivity HSE Management solution enables the banking industry to maintain competitive strength with the efficient utilization of natural resources. Use the functionalities Effivity HSE Management and be equipped to readily identify ecological footprint issues of the organization, its’ departments and branch units and determine monitoring scheme, formulate plans to reduce resource consumption and carbon footprints, create a structure for measuring and reporting the environmental impacts and for control, arrange a system to account, monitor and measure the impact of subcontractors and suppliers may bring about to the banking industry’s ecological footprint as a result of their own practices.

Health and Safety Management System ISO 45001 for banking industry

  • Effivity QMS and HSE Management solution ensures operational readiness of the banking industry in handling a broad range of crises. Identify and effectively manage risks with the Risk and Opportunity module. Establish robust emergency preparedness programs with the HSE Operations module and effectively coordinate the levels of the organization and the involvement of external parties, ensure rapid and appropriate responses in managing crisis situations.
  • Improve productivity and workforce engagement, lower occupational health related illnesses and safeguard the wellbeing of the workforce; Effivity HSE Management solution permits the banking industry to assess the working environment conditions of its facilities, offices and workspaces, identify the appropriate mitigating measures and monitor the effectiveness of these measures.
  • Manage HSE policies, procedures and related documentation online using our industry leading workflow based HSE software Effivity.

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