Environmental Aspects & Impacts

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The backbone of the ISO 14001 requirements is understanding the environmental aspects and impacts of your company, but what exactly are environmental aspects and impacts? Quite simply, an environmental aspect is any way the processes of your company interact with the environment, either positively or negatively. Once you have identified how you interact with the environment you can then assess the impact created if the aspect was left ungoverned.

By identifying which environmental aspects are significant you can then put your efforts towards implementing controls that will result in the greatest environmental protection for the effort and resources you will invest. By understanding and controlling these significant environmental aspects you are able to monitor, measure, control and improve the environmental performance of your company.

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Identification, control and maintenance

With Effivity you now have a way to easily record your environmental aspects in a way that is accessible to all relevant employees and is simple to use and understand. You can effortlessly identify, assess and set controls and track the performance of the processes within your company that display the most significant potential for environmental harm.

Use the powerful tools within Effivity to work towards improved environmental performance by:

  • Identifying the aspects of your processes
  • Assessing the potential impacts of each aspect
  • Evaluating your significant environmental aspects
  • Setting controls over your desired aspects
  • Monitoring and measuring controls for continued effectiveness
  • Reviewing data and reports for trends and analysis
  • Identifying the potential for continual improvement of environmental impacts
  • Realizing the improvements in your environmental performance

Effivity makes using the environmental data you collect from your processes to make decisions on your environmental management system processes quick and simple.

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