Mar 11, 2024

Digitize your Calibration Management with Effivity Pro

Calibration is the routine checkup of measurement equipment against a benchmark to ensure its accuracy and compliance. If your organization invests in various automated tools or heavy equipment for business growth, calibration is a necessary part of its regular maintenance and upkeep to ensure efficiency.

Businesses usually rely on a manual system of recording, managing and tracking calibration results. This can be tricky as calibration certificates may not record the standards accurately due to human error. In addition, calibration of each equipment may involve following different standards, making the process even more complicated.


Manual systems like these are very time consuming and inefficient, but they also fail to provide traceability for documents as well as an understanding of who is responsible for compliance with industry regulations.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. What businesses need is to shift to a user-friendly, paperless system that streamlines the calibration process with ease.

Effivity’s new-age on-cloud Calibration Management Software is designed to automate and simplify the processes. It brings all the calibration-related data to one place, keeps track of calibration schedules and standards for each equipment, establishes accountability and maintains accurate audit records to ensure regulatory compliance.

Let’s take a look at how Effivity Pro can help your business digitize your calibration management and achieve efficiency in your processes.

What is a Calibration Management System?

The Simplest description of calibration is the regular process of ensuring that a tool or instrument is accurate and works correctly by comparing it with a standard. A calibration management system involves managing when and how the equipment is calibrated, checking if there are any inaccuracies and recording the results for audit purposes.

In multiple industries, calibration is done to a wide range of equipment, such as temperature sensors, pressure gauges, scales and medical devices, to ensure their accuracy.

Proper calibration is essential for maintaining product quality, ensuring regulatory compliance and enhancing overall operational efficiency. This is because you will only be able to measure, control and monitor the quality of certain processes if your measurement equipment is accurate.

The calibration process involves identifying the equipment your business owns, determining the calibration periods for each equipment, executing the calibration & documenting and analyzing the results.

The Challenge to Calibration Management

The traditional approach to calibration property management involves manual record-keeping, scheduling and execution of calibration procedures. This manual approach is not only time-consuming but also prone to human errors in data entry, irregularities in equipment calibration and non-compliance.

Besides, as an organization expands, so does its equipment. And keeping track of schedules, documentation and compliance of a large number of equipment becomes a daunting task. Furthermore, compliance with industry standards and regulations is critical and the manual process often falls short of ensuring a seamless adherence to these requirements.

This is where Effivity’s calibration tracking software helps automate calibration programs and simplifies scheduling and maintenance tasks. Our on-cloud calibration management software automates the planning, management and documented information of equipment details and calibration data.

Organizations can effectively plan and schedule calibration tasks, track the history of calibration, maintain calibration records and ensure regulatory compliance.

Effivity Pro On-Cloud Calibration Management Software

Here’s how organizations can eliminate manual processes and digitize calibration management with Effivity’s Calibration Management System

1. Centralize Data Management

Calibration management software provides a centralized platform for all calibration databases. This includes instrument details, history of calibration, updates, certificates and documentation. In addition, you can also keep track of the location of each measurement equipment and its calibration schedule.

The advanced filtering feature also allows users to quickly filter data and view specific records. With Effivity, users can access accurate and up-to-date data from anywhere, anytime, reducing the risk of errors associated with manual record-keeping.

2. Get a User-Friendly Interface

Effivity’s calibration management software offers a user-friendly interface and high configurability to help organizations effectively manage their processes. For organizations that rely on equipment, instruments and measurement devices to deliver quality products, the software provides access to user-friendly calibration forms.

Moreover, the software can be easily customized at the form, workflow, dashboard, reports, menu and notifications levels to fit your business needs.

3. Automate Scheduling and Reminders

One of the primary challenges in manual calibration management is scheduling and tracking the calibration schedules for numerous instruments. Calibration software automates this process by allowing users to plan calibration and set up schedules based on specific equipment requirements.

A built-in calendar offers its users a comprehensive view of the scheduled, over-due and completed calibrations. The system also sends out automated email reminders and system notifications to relevant users for any upcoming calibrations.

4. Access Complete Audit Trail and Data Analysis

Effivity’s calibration management software maintains a detailed audit trail of all calibration activities. This ensures traceability and transparency, making it easier to identify parties involved in each calibration event.

A powerful dashboard also delivers actionable insights into calibration reports through statistical and graphical representation. This data can then be used to identify calibration trends, assess equipment performance and make better decisions about equipment maintenance

5. Track Calibration Tasks

This easy-to-use calibration management software helps keep your measurement equipment calibration up-to-date and on track by helping you stay on top of all calibration-related tasks. The software keeps track of calibration schedules for individual equipment, allowing organizations to ensure proper upkeep and maintenance.

Further, the system automatically tracks tasks to correct equipment in case of measurement errors and also ensures timely re-calibration of measurement equipment. This way, an organization can make sure their tools and measurement equipment are always accurate and fit for use

6. Ensure Compliance

Compliance with ISO regulations requires meeting strict data compliance requirements. Effivity’s calibration software is designed to help organizations adhere to industry standards and regulations with a range of built-in compliance features. It automates the calibration process effectively by scheduling and executing calibrations in compliance with regulatory standards.

The software’s features include the ability to generate compliant calibration certificates, provide a complete audit trail, maintain accurate calibration records and adhere to quality management systems.

Ensure Effective Calibration Management with Effivity

Calibration management software not only enhances the efficiency of the calibration process but also improves quality, compliance and overall operational excellence for organizations. It is a strategic investment that helps maximize the reliability and accuracy of measurement equipment that businesses rely on.

Effivity Pro offers scalable, user-friendly and cost-effective calibration management software that helps small businesses and global multi-site corporations achieve efficiency in their calibration processes. It automates processes in line with regulatory compliances, simplifies data recording and analysis and streamlines calibration scheduling and planning of measurement equipment.

Stay on track with your calibration plans and schedules with Effivity. Visit our website and schedule a demo today!


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