Feb 20, 2024

US-based Manufacturing Company Increased Productivity and Operational Efficiency With Effivity

US-based Manufacturing Company Increased Productivity and Operational Efficiency

The manufacturing sector is riddled with complex machinery, complicated operations, and higher rates of faulty end products. Usually, leaders blame the complexity of this sector as the reason behind such inconveniences. But that is not the case..

We believe that with a quality-focused approach, the issues of this sector can be duly tackled. Instead of continuing with age-old processes, a focus on quality can boost efficiency, reduce wastage, and foster an environment of innovation and creative solutions.

One of Effivity's clients realized the possibility for improvement that a quality-focused approach can have on their manufacturing business. As a result, they took the vital decision to integrate Effivity's Quality Management Systems into their manufacturing process.

So how did that go for them? Did they benefit anything?

In this article, we will be sharing with you the numerous benefits that our client experienced through Effivity's QMS solutions.

Importance of Quality Management System in Manufacturing Company

Quality control in the manufacturing industry is not an added process, but a necessity. Most of today’s manufacturing companies rely on sophisticated machines and over-complicated operational practices. When such companies lack focus on quality, it will not only affect their productivity but might also put their employees and customers at risk.

So, what is the best way for a manufacturing company to integrate quality into the basic frameworks of its operations? The answer lies in effective Quality Management in the manufacturing industry

Quality Management System software is used to improve and enhance a business’s operating procedures. This is done by implementing structured quality-insured frameworks at every stage of the manufacturing process. From the designing phase, through the product manufacturing process, to delivery and post-sales assistance, QMS will ensure consistency in maintaining a robust quality standard in manufacturing.

Once a quality-focused approach is well adopted in the manufacturing process, you will be able to spot multiple improvements in your business. From reduced occurrences of faulty products to increased workflow efficiency, your business productivity will skyrocket– leading to improved branding and better customer retention rates.

Case Study: How a US-based Manufacturing Company Benefited from Effivity

We have already discussed the need for effective Quality control for the manufacturing industry. But how exactly can you, as an owner of a manufacturing firm, benefit from quality management systems? Learn it from this US-based manufacturing firm that adopted Effivity’s QMS solutions.

Our client was a prominent name in the United States manufacturing sector. For more than three generations, this firm was at the forefront of designing and producing Briquetting, Compaction, and Granulation machines. Their main goal was to manufacture high-quality machinery that could best provide for the needs and wants of their customers.

The company had a zeal for quality maintenance and they were looking to further improve their business operations. So, to turn that goal into a reality, they adopted Effivity’s QMS software to regulate quality control in their manufacturing processes.

Within just a few months of operation, they claimed to experience the following benefits


1. Closer to the Goal of ISO Certification

Our client was well aware of the importance of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) certification. Compliance with their regulation would send a clear message that the organization has an unwavering commitment to quality maintenance and customer satisfaction.

The ISO 9001:2015 certification requires the organization to integrate a Quality Management System into their business operations. Adopting Effivity’s Quality Management System in their manufacturing process brought them closer to that goal.

This is how their Operations manager expressed their vote of confidence- “Ever since we adopted Effivity’s QMS solutions, we have been experiencing a more streamlined operation– further boosting our productivity and efficiency.” The manager further added that the goal of ISO certification is now well within their reach.

2. Streamlined Audits

Our client also expressed satisfaction with Effivity’s QMS, when it comes to streamlining the auditing process. Earlier, the audit process used to be quite a cumbersome one. The auditors had to manually verify their operational efficiency, making it a long and arduous task.

However, with the recent adoption of Effivity QMS software, this issue was solved in no time. The revolutionary innovative features of Effivity’s Quality Management Systems allow for easy access to auditors. Be it external or internal audits, auditors can now easily access relevant modules, leading to saved time and resources.

Recently, one of the leading certification body auditors praised Effivity for this very function. By reducing the time taken for auditing with seamless access grants, Effivity’s QMS earned accolades for its increased efficiency and effectiveness.

3. Employee-Friendly Framework

Finally, our client shared the positive effect Effivity’s QMS had on their employees. According to them, one of the most beneficial features of this QMS is its user-friendly interface. The software’s “Update as-you-go” policy facilitates a habit of instant improvements and compliances.

Moreover, the systems are also adept at offering timely alerts. Owing to its on-board notification engines, employees and key decision-makers are sent timely alerts and reminders about the due tasks that are critical to quality compliance.

The user-friendly interface, along with a framework for timely reminders, ensures an efficient workflow for the employees. This, in turn, further boosts employee morale and leads to better performance on their end.

Effivity: Where Quality Meets Innovation

Our client’s testimonials are a testament to Effivity’s capabilities as an efficient quality management solution. They specifically praise the simplicity, ease of development, customer support, and value for money offered by our services.

Once you decide to adopt Effivity’s quality management solutions, you can expect to benefit from the following features:

quality management solutions - features
  • Modular System:

    Effivity’s QMS facilitates accessibility with the help of its modular system. With this, businesses can pick only the modules that are necessary to the business. Users have the choice to either not use a specific element or keep it at pause for future uses.

  • Seamless Integration:

    Effivity’s QMS software can integrate seamlessly with any existing system. With this, you have greater control, and can efficiently access the software from the system of your choice.

  • ISO Standard Compliance:

    Effivity boasts a comprehensive coverage of requirements necessary for ISO standard compliance. Its QMS software includes all modules that are required for standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 17025, AS 9100 D, and more.

  • No-Code Platform:

    At Effivity, we believe that not everyone is required to be fluent in coding languages. This is why, our QMS software allows authorized personnel to make changes in the platform without requiring any technical expertise in coding.

  • 24x7 Support:

    Lastly, Effivity boasts robust customer support. We provide users with access to round-the-clock customer assistance, with our reliable team ready to address any queries or issues at any given time.

Start Your Quality-Focused Journey With Effivity

Supercharge your manufacturing quality control with Effivity. With our innovative QMS solutions, you get to experience enhanced productivity, streamlined auditing, secure data management, and competent risk & opportunity management.

Head on to our website and schedule a demo to experience the pinnacle of Quality Management Systems in manufacturing!


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