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Knowing what legal requirements are applicable to you and knowing where they need to be applied is only part of the story. You also need to know that the steps you are taking to meet your legal requirements are working. If your activities aren’t working, you run the risk of becoming non-compliant and facing fines or penalties. This is why tracking your HSE compliance is critical to your business.

You need an easy way to make certain all of the actions required for compliance to the environmental laws are functioning properly. The Effivity dashboard is the place to turn for all your compliance information. In one easy view, you can tell if there is a risk that your compliance activities aren’t working, and you can take immediate action to correct the situation.

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Ensure you never become non-compliant with legal requirements

With Effivity you can find your compliance status on all of your legal requirements in one location. By allowing you to easily see if any occurring problems, you can task the right people to address the problem before you are non-compliant with your legal obligations and risk facing fines and penalties.

Compliance tracking within Effivity allows you to easily:

  • Identify the status of your actions for all of your legal requirements
  • Assess the need to correct problems in order to become compliant
  • Maintain centralized control over your legal compliance status
  • Audit your compliance status
  • Report on actions needed for compliance
  • Reduce the risk of non-compliance and resulting fines
  • Automate the process of compliance reporting

Effivity allows you to fully gauge your compliance with legal requirements in one easy view. Quick response to actionable items found in the compliance tracking software will allow you to prevent non-compliances before they occur, leading to better environmental & occupational health & safety performance.

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