Environmental impacts / Occupational
Health & Safety Incidents

Even with the best controls and plans in place, sometimes HSE impacts and accidents happen. When the unfortunate occurs, the only actions to take are to invoke your emergency plans and track and report the incidents in the best way possible to ensure corrective action is taken and the proper authorities are informed. This is why having an easy way to monitor and track your environmental incidents & occupational health & safety risks can ensure that you meet your legal requirements for reporting.

When you have an easy way to track and report on environmental & occupational health & safety incidents you are better able to survey the data to find ways to reduce the frequency of HSE incidents and prevent future incidents from occurring. The only good outcome for an environmental - health & safety incident is to respond quickly and learn from the incident so that it can be prevented in the future.

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Environmental incident tracking made easy

With Effivity you have the ability to fully track any environmental incidents to the completion of your response, and then to follow up with data mining of your incidents to find common problems that can be addressed through corrective action to prevent future problems.

Effivity can improve your environmental incident tracking and reporting by:

  • Standardizing your process for reporting incidents
  • Ensuring audit readiness with available incident reports
  • Enabling easy incident reporting for legal compliance
  • Ensuring corrective action for incidents is taken
  • Reducing manual resource needs for incident tracking
  • Ensuring all actions are completed for all incidents
  • Helping identify improvement to reduce incident frequency and severity
  • Maintaining centralized control over your incident reporting information

Effivity makes it easy to respond to environmental incidents and to prevent recurring incidents by providing data reporting in a way that makes sense.

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