Permits Management

Managing the environmental permits you need, what you need to do to maintain those permits, and reporting on the data required by the permits can be a complicated process. However, this is also a process that can hinder your ability to operate if it is done poorly. Maintaining the permits for your environmental management system can be the difference between legal compliance and costly penalties and fines for not meeting your requirements.

That is why it is important to find a simple way to track your required permits so that nothing is missed; and the best way to do this is through a centralized method of tracking your compliance data and due dates for reporting. This gives you an easy way to see your compliance performance and maintain an auditable record of historical compliance in one place; all in a cost-effective manner to manage your compliance costs. Effivity integrates this system for full coverage of your permits management.

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Streamlined Permits Management

Effivity can help you to make permits management easy through a streamlined process for tracking the data collection, task and activity actions and reporting due dates for all of your environmental permits. Centralized tracking allows you to ensure nothing is missed and that costs for compliance are tracked for better budgeting and cost saving opportunities.

The permits management software within Effivity allows you to avoid excess costs and fines in your permits management by:

  • Maintaining centralized control over your permits management and reporting
  • Giving quick visibility over your compliance to permit requirements
  • Tracking the tasks and activities required to maintain your permits
  • Manage follow-up activities required
  • Providing historical permits records that are easily auditable
  • Ensuring activities are carried out in a timely fashion through email notifications
  • Managing the costs of compliance in order to better forecast budget needs
  • Enabling employees to avoid fines and penalties due to late or missed permit reporting

Effivity makes it easy to maintain the data needed to maintain your permits and meet your legal requirements for reporting on environmental data. With this simple process for tracking the dates and timelines of your permits you can make sure that nothing falls through the cracks in your environmental permits management.

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