Environment Sustainability & Health Safety Performance Indicators / HSE KPI

What you need to monitor your process to know the effectiveness of your management system and degree of conformity to expected deliverables, you need a robust HSE performance indicators and KPI software.

Sustainability performance indicators are the measurable output of your process that tells you your environmental & health - safety goals are being met. By monitoring these indicator, you know that a process is functioning well, and conversely, you will recognize early on that a process is starting to deviate from what you expect.

You can use sustainability performance indicators in a dashboard format for your environmental management system; you will easily see that all processes are meeting your expectations and functioning well. Sustainability performance indicators are also tools that tell you any planned improvements made to a process are working and have actually led to improvement. When used correctly, sustainability performance indicators can be powerful tools for your environmental management system.

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Sustaining environmental & health-safety gains

Effivity gives you full access to your HSE performance indicator data so you can track your business processes and keep on top of changes that can lead to improvements.

Use the sustainability & HSE performance indicator software within Effivity to manage, maintain and improve the environmental- occupational health & safety compliance of your processes by:

  • Easily monitoring indicators for all key processes
  • Providing central storage of all key data
  • Reporting on what is important for each process
  • Reducing errors in data input by centralizing process data
  • Monitoring task completion for process improvement
  • Providing data for quick response to process changes leading to problems
  • Aligning environmental sustainability by aligning processes
  • Providing a full view of all indicators in one dashboard

Effivity allows you to know at a glance that your processes are meeting your expectations for the environmental & occupational HSE management system. Additionally, it will tell you if improvement projects have worked. A powerful tool for HSE management and improvement.

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