Waste Management (Solid, Air, Water)

No matter what industry you are involved in, all companies need to deal with the waste from their processes and finding a way to easily control and report on this for continual improvements and legal compliance can be troublesome. Whether you need to monitor hazardous waste or simply maintain records of the separation of recycling waste and landfill waste, finding the right management tool is essential to make this process quick and easy.

When you can easily access your waste management data, it’s easy to ensure that you meet your legal compliance obligations and to discover insights into areas for environmental performance improvement through waste reduction. If waste reduction is one of your environmental objectives, then finding a way to easily assess the data is critical.

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Waste reduction: Cost savings for you

Along with improved environmental performance, waste reduction activities can also provide cost savings for your company. With Effivity you have the ability to easily report on your activities and find patterns in the data that allow you to save both the environment and money through reducing waste.

Use the waste management software within Effivity to improve your environmental performance by:

  • Tracking your waste management activities
  • Maintaining centralized waste management data for easy access
  • Simplifying reporting on waste management
  • Assessing the effectiveness of your waste management program
  • Identifying waste reduction activities for process improvement
  • Assessing improvement activities by tracking reduced waste
  • Reporting on waste management initiatives quickly and easily
  • Ensuring ready availability of waste management documentation

Effivity is the simple and effective way to monitor and report on your waste management activities to senior management and other stakeholders who are concerned about the environmental footprint presented by the waste generated by your company processes. Enjoy the peace of mind that waste is properly managed and waste reduction improvements can be made with the right reports, to the right people, at the right time.

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