ISO 14001 Certification - How to implement ISO 14001 standard with Effivity

Implementing an ISO standard can seem daunting and even more so when you consider the complexities of IS014001 and its intricate relationship with the environment. First introduced in 1996, ISO 14001 impacts your organisation’s processes, services and products as they pertain to short and long-term effects on the environment.

Implementing ISO 14001 with Effivity is an easy, step-by-step process that follows a logical, methodical flow chart to gather information while advising courses of action.

Rather than initially trying to show you what you need, Effivity’s software first takes stock of what you already have regarding ISO 14001 compliance by asking a series of questions designed to build a basic framework in terms of what your company does for environmental safety.

Once your inventory of safeguards is established, the software will match those parameters to what is demanded by the ISO and begin assigning tasks for necessary upgrades to your company based on their importance to the compliance policy and estimated time to complete the task.

Because the cloud-based software is intuitive, it can give you proper guidance on which parts of the compliance procedure need to take precedence over the rest. It also will allow you to upload new procedures and operations as they are added to ensure that you are accurately following the outlay of the ISO before moving on to other components.

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The fundamentals laid out in Effivity 14001 are five-fold:

  1. To minimise a company’s environmental footprint
  2. To diminish the risk of pollution incidents
  3. To ensure compliance with relevant environmental legislation
  4. To provide operational improvements
  5. To develop business sustainably

Once your compliance database is fed into the Effivity software, it is automatically monitored, recorded, catalogued, and analyzed so your team can run real-time analytics on it and adjust your goals, desires and needs as you see fit. Then, as accidents, incidents, spills or anything else occur, your Effivity system will automatically update regarding procedures, processes, codes and requirements to keep you in compliance. In addition to explaining how to file accident and compliance report forms, it will give you insightful tips on how to reduce the cost of repeat actions through the elimination of hazardous conditions and risk mitigation, which may mean anything from better employee training to completely overhauling your operations.

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