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For continual improvement & ensuring you adjust your organization to the business dynamics, changes are identified and executed. It is vital that the changes are executed in a controlled fashion.

Managing your changes ensures that improvements are properly implemented and sustained rather than being missed due to poor communication and lack of planning. Well-implemented change management can be the difference between employee empowerment to execute improvement activities and the failure to implement good ideas that would save your business time and money.

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Effective change for sustained improvement

With Effivity you can ensure that the information required to implement a change is clear, accessible and communicated throughout your organisation so that nothing is missed during the change.

Change management with Effivity improves your processes by:

  • Clearly recording change information
  • Collaborating with other employees on the proposed change and identification of risks / opportunities with the proposed change.
  • Ensuring that change information is available where needed
  • Communicating change information throughout the organisation
  • Maintaining obsolete information for security reasons
  • Tracking change tasks until complete
  • Maintaining records of change activities for later review

Effivity makes implementing change easy by removing the barriers to communication so that everyone can quickly be on the same page with respect to a change. Make your next change management easier with the change management software - Effivity.

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