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Remove ambiguity and uncertainties from your communication

Communications can be complex and managing communication procedures is a top priority in your organisation. Not every piece of information needs to be communicated in the same way, and some information is more critical and time sensitive than others. You need to ask yourself, who will communicate what information to whom and how? If you need to communicate a major product problem to your customer, who will do this, and will they use email or a phone call? If you need to alert the media to a major happening in your facility, whose responsibility is it to contact them, and what form will the press release take? All of these considerations are part of your communication policy.

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The right communication by the right person

Managing your communication policy becomes easy with Effivity. With fully customizable software, you can identify which types of communication you want to control, specify who will perform each type of communication and determine how they will accomplish and record the communication. Full control can be yours with Effivity.

Use the communication policy management software within Effivity to identify and maintain your communications by:

  • Identifying all types of communication
  • Differentiating the response to each communication type
  • Specifying the correct person to handle each type of communication
  • Tracking tasks when communications are required
  • Maintaining records of important communications for review
  • Allowing easy access to communication records

Effivity takes the task of managing communications and simplifies it in a way that allows your company to specify what is important for your communication policy. Ensure you have a communication plan and documentation of every important communication event with Effivity.

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