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Learning and progressive organizations give a lot of importance to management of the perception and satisfaction level of the customers. Effivity provides a simple yet effective software solution to implement a robust customer satisfaction management process in the organization.

Not all feedback from your customers is regarding a complaint, but every piece of information can be important to help you ensure customer satisfaction. When a customer is helpful enough to share their opinion with you, tracking this information for future improvements or action can be just what’s needed to delight your customer in the future and secure future business. However, finding a way to record, collate and manage customer feedback for proper review can be time consuming and difficult. That’s why Effivity incorporated a powerful but simple to use customer feedback tracking module into the software.

Effivity makes it simple to manage your customer feedback information. Try a free trial of Effivity today.

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Powerful customer feedback software

Make sure you have the edge on your customer information by keeping track of the valuable feedback your customers give, no matter how they present it. With an easy to access interface, your employees can keep track of customer feedback data, so you can act on it for better customer satisfaction.

Use the customer feedback software within Effivity to improve customer satisfaction by:

  • Create various kinds of online customer feedback forms.
  • Schedule your feedback collection exercise.
  • Receive customer feedback, satisfaction and completed feedback forms online & directly in your Effivity Account.
  • Easily capturing all types of customer feedback information
  • Sorting and analysing the information you receive
  • Finding product and service improvement areas based on customer comments
  • Tracking tasks to address customer feedback
  • Maintaining one location for all customer feedback data
  • Real-time data analysis to ensure the organization gets the maximum benefit form the feedback & satisfaction measurement exercise.

Effivity takes the problem of controlling customer feedback and simplifies it with easy to access and simple to use software that allows your employees to quickly capture even the simplest of customer feedback. If you have all the feedback in a centralized location, you can more easily review and address any improvements that are found. Never worry about losing valuable customer again due to poor feedback management again.

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