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Your organisation’s competitive advantage comes from your design and development activities, so managing these activities is crucial to ensure you manage your design & development life cycle better. You need a tool that will give you the flexibility to create your design and development plans to suit your needs while still giving you the assurance that you will meet the ISO 9001 requirements.

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Full control of your design and development activities

With Effivity you have the assurance that your design and development activities will meet the superior requirements of ISO 9001 while still giving you the flexibility to plan and carry out your activities in the manner that best suits your design team. Ensure complete and flexible design and development every time with Effivity.

The design and development software within Effivity gives you the ability to:

  • Identify your design and development plans
  • Collect your design and development inputs
  • Create and store your design and development outputs
  • Plan and control verification activities
  • Track your validation activities to completion
  • Securely store design and development records
  • Manage design and development changes

Effivity takes the complex process of design and development and makes it simple to implement and maintain. Effivity allows you to manage your design with the easy to use software tool and link all records and outputs for full control and oversight of the process and records. Simplify your design and development activities with Effivity.

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