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Inspection, the act of having an employee check your products, process, raw materials to ensure they meet requirements, is critical for overall management system effectiveness. This may be due to customer requirements, regulatory requirements or internal needs, but you want your inspection to give you confidence in the product you are delivering.

Effivity ensure incoming inspection, in-process inspections and final inspections are effectively managed.

In many cases the most difficult part of inspections is not the comparison of the product to the requirements but rather identifying when the inspection will take place and then creating and maintaining the records of the inspection is a way that is easy to save, store, search and retrieve. A tool like Effivity can turn the responsibility of inspection documentation and record retention from a difficult chore to a simple task.

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Inspection management: Demonstrating compliance & conformity with requirements

For inspections to provide what you need, they must be done at the right time and records must be readily accessible to demonstrate conformity. With Effivity you can easily control the documentation needed to determine when inspections are needed, and you can also easily create and control your records post-inspection.

Inspection documentation within Effivity allows you to:

  • Identify and communicate inspection requirements throughout the organisation
  • Track inspection tasks to ensure timely completion
  • Monitor the status of inspection tasks
  • Ensure inspection records are created and stored
  • Access inspection records easily from any networked computer
  • Review inspection results for trends that require corrective action

Effivity makes inspections easier with a simple to use tool that gives you everything you need to satisfy requirements from customers, regulatory bodies and internally identified needs. You can be certain that inspection communications are carried out, inspections are performed, and records are properly maintained and accessible with easy to access information at every step. Ensure you do not miss an inspection or lose an inspection record again with Effivity.

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