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Organisational knowledge is an often-overlooked asset to a business and managing that knowledge can be a difficult process.

Knowledge created during the business processes must be captured in a way to ensure it is available for other employees to use when required. Not everyone knows what is necessary for a process to function, and it is management’s responsibility to ensure that this critical knowledge is obtained and retained so that processes function even in the face of employee turnover or illness. Now is the time to identify and capture your critical organisational knowledge before your business is affected by the absence of an organisational knowledge base. Effivity has taken the process of knowledge management and simplified it so that it becomes easy to safeguard this valuable resource.

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Simplified knowledge management

With Effivity you now have an easier way to capture, record and disseminate your organisational knowledge to the people who need to know. Operating and improving your business processes becomes easier when you’ve identified the critical knowledge needed for your employees to succeed.

Use Effivity to improve your knowledge management by:

  • Identifying critical business knowledge
  • Planning knowledge capture activities
  • Tracking knowledge management tasks so nothing is forgotten
  • Maintaining centralized repository of your acquired knowledge
  • Ensuring plans for knowledge dissemination are carried out
  • Incorporating knowledge management into your competence management activities

Effivity takes the complex activity of knowledge management and simplifies it so you can easily identify the knowledge you need to manage in order to ensure your business processes will be maintained in the future. Improve your knowledge management with Effivity now.

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