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Even if you put all the safeguards in place to avoid problems, non-conformances may occur with your processes, products and services. When this happens, it is most important that you have a process prepared to handle the non-conformance without undue delay to ensure that causes of the problem are addressed so the problem does not happen again.

Managing this process can be difficult, but with the right tool you can ensure that you identify and address problems without delay, implement product and service corrections in a timely manner, and investigate the root cause to ensure problems don’t return. Effivity gives you the ability to manage all the necessary corrections to your products and services without having to worry about missing any important steps in the process. Effivity links the problems to the corrective action for easy future review.

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Take control of your non-conformities

With Effivity you have full control over how you address your non-conforming products and services with a powerful software tool that will guide you through the processes of identification, disposition, return to use and investigation of corrective actions essential to any problems you encounter.

Use Effivity to better control your non-conformance and corrective action processes by:

  • Easily recording non-conformance information for review
  • Recording and acting upon dispositions
  • Maintaining easy to assess records of non-conformance activity
  • Providing fully auditable records of all non-conformance and corrective action activities
  • Ensuring that all steps are taken in the non-conformance process
  • Securing proper corrective action steps are taken
  • Allowing easy access to all records for trend analysis

Effivity takes the difficult processes of non-conformance control and corrective action and makes then simple and easy. Remove concerns of a difficult to use process and improve employee engagement at the same time by implementing Effivity today.

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