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Having the right strategy, policy, objectives and plans in place and ensuring these plans are communicated and tracked throughout your organisation is one of the most important functions of your management system. These plans are created from your quality – occupational health & safety – environment management system objectives and monitored through tracking of your key performance indicators. With a quality policy, environment policy and health & safety policy as the focus of your organisation, objectives to plan your improvements and key performance indicators to monitor your process improvements, you have a winning combination to use your management system to improve and benefit your company with Effivity.

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QHSE Policy & Objective Management Software

With Effivity you have the necessary tools to manage your Quality policy, HSE Policy and relevant objectives and to easily communicate the importance of various management system to everyone in your organisation. You can easily track your key performance indicators to ensure that your quality plans are progressing as expected.

Use Effivity to communicate and monitor your most important quality management system information by:

  • Capturing and communicating your policy and the overall goal for your company
  • Capturing the overall objectives of your management system
  • Tracking all the tasks in your quality objective plans to completion
  • Quickly reviewing the key performance indicators that show your processes are working as expected
  • Identifying improvement opportunities in your key performance indicators and making plans to address them
  • Maintaining centralized control over all your quality management system data

Effivity takes the trouble out of managing your policy, objectives and key performance indicators by giving you easy access to the status of all your information from any connected computer. Stay abreast of your current status at any time with the policy and objective management software Effivity.

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