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Documenting your processes so everyone understands the standardized method of performing the process can be one of the most valuable steps towards streamlining processes for better results and continual improvements. However, this only works if you not only document your processes, but also if you have an easy way for the process operators to access and understand the documentation. Effivity provides a centralized location for the access and management of your process documentation so that everyone who needs it can access the documentation from any computer. Make sure everyone can access the most recent documentation easily with Effivity.

Users can define process input, procedure / SOP, process output, process responsibilities, knowledge requirements for the process execution, process effectiveness evaluation parameter and risks in the process.

Effivity ensures you can identify the process and describe the process to ensure you document it for implementation in the organization effectively.

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Process identification and documentation management made easy

One of the hardest parts of the process documentation process is making sure that the right information is in the hands of the right people at the right time. With Effivity it’s easy for employees to access the most recent documentation from their workstation. When documentation is updated it becomes immediately available so that outdated information is not used.

Manage your process documentation with Effivity to improve processes by:

  • Ensuring the most recent information is available
  • Allowing easy access to process documentation for all employees as necessary
  • Identifying and tracking documentation updates for process improvement
  • Securely storing obsolete documentation for historical information only
  • Maintaining centralized control over your process documentation

Effivity takes the hassle out of managing your process documentation with one centralized access point for all employees. With one place to turn for process documentation you do not need to worry that out of date information is being used to control your processes. Only the latest approved information is available, so processes are done correctly.

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