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To provide your products and services on time and on budget, you rely on your suppliers, so managing your supply chain is crucial to the overall success of your business. A chain is only as strong as the weakest link, and if your suppliers fail to provide you the supplies and information you need to meet all of your requirements you will fail to deliver on your promises to your customers. Managing your supply chain can be one of the most important activities you do to ensure you can deliver what your customers want when they need it.

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Supplier control to improve process outcomes

In order to make sure your processes have the supplies they need you want to control how you choose suppliers, how you purchase products and services, and how you manage supplier outputs. With Effivity you have everything you need to control your approved supplier listings, to ensure all purchasing information is sent to your suppliers and to link inspection of received materials to the suppliers that delivered them; everything you need for full supply management.

Use the supply management software within Effivity to control your supply chain by:

  • Managing initial approval & evaluation of the suppliers
  • Conducting re-evaluation of the suppliers.
  • Maintaining your approved supplier listings with easy access
  • Ensuring purchasing information is complete
  • Monitoring supplier deliveries against requirements
  • Incorporating supplier feedback from inspections
  • Tracking corrective actions on suppliers
  • Maintaining centralized control over supplier data

Effivity makes it easy to ensure your supply chain is robust enough to meet your needs with full control over all supplier information. Ensure you have all the facts on your supply chain, at your fingertips, to better manage and improve your supply chain process for better end product and service results with Effivity.

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