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It’s rare that one employee will have all the skills necessary for a job, especially with dynamic business landscape, technological innovation, changing job competency requirements and employee advancement. This is why it is critical to identify correct trainings for the employees, know at a glance the training that your employees have successfully completed and to track unfinished training to completion, so that you can find the right employee for the right job.

Effivity makes managing your training requirements automatic, quick and easy. Have the information at your fingertips when you need it with the best training software available.

Effivity is the better way to track and manage your employee training. Try a free trial today.

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Employee training simplified

With Effivity you have the best tools to identify, plan, track and maintain training information for your employees in one simple interface. Managing employee training records has never been easier than with Effivity.

Effivity improves your training management by:

  • Centralizing employee training files for easy access
  • Providing easy comparison of training information with competence requirements
  • Tracking training tasks to ensure timely completion
  • Simplifying the identification of training needs
  • Providing positive control over training records
  • Maintaining audit ready training records at any time

Effivity gives you a powerful tool to identify and manage all of the records needed to ensure employee training is up to date and accurate. Never worry again that training records are incomplete or unavailable when you need them. Effivity provides all the control you need for improving your training management.

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