MyEasyISO is evolving…..MyEasyISO is now EffiVity

We have our eyes set on a target. A target to offer you nothing but the best. For us the best is comprehensive, innovative, user-friendly and cost effective – a feature-rich suite of management system software that goes far and beyond just ISO standards.

Your favorite QHSE software is getting better with a new brand identity, a host of superior features, enhanced user experience and a better coverage to offer compliance with various other management systems like Information Security management and Food Safety Management System.

To reflect our renewed energy and enhanced domain applicability which is just not restricted to ISO standards but an array of a majority of global QMS, HSE, FSMS, ISMS standards, we are changing our brand identity from MyEasyISO to Effivity.

EffiVity is a name that truly reflects our corporate culture and work ethos. Effivity means a combination of Efficiency & Productivity. This new identity makes us even closer to our mission of partnering our customers achieve more.

Rest assured, nothing has changed except the brand identity! The same wonderful team you have been working with, the same work culture, the same work ethics and the same fantastic software you have been using and appreciating for years. Only change is a higher commitment to help you achieve more from your QMS, EMS, OH&SMS, FSMS & ISMS management system.

Our website and will cease to operate and will be replaced with

Kindly note that this is just a change in branding and has no impact whatsoever on your data and records. You can continue using the software in the same manner as you have been doing all these times. The parent holding company of the software also remains the same.

We look forward to bringing to you a series of advanced functionalities and user-friendly features to your preferred QHSE software in the days to come with more standards being added to our portfolio.

We appreciate your business and shall strive harder to delight you with Effivity.

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