Relevance of Effivity for
your ISO Stage

Not yet started

If you have not yet started implementing your QHSE system, Effivity will make the implementation easier than ever before. Instead of trying to design a paper / spreadsheet / word based manual ISO system and various forms, let Effivity do the work for you. The system modules are arranged in a logical manner, allowing you to simply start with our top modules and work your way down.

Building your QHSE system in this way will ensure that all the prerequisites for any specific module will already have been completed by the time you are ready for your customer audit / supplier audit / regulatory audit or ISO certification audit. Once you have completed all the modules and captured the information that is applicable to your organisation, you can rest assured that the requirements of every single clause and sub-clause in the standard have been met.

When you have yet not started, start with the best and provide a solid foundation to your QHSE management system with Effivity.

Formal QHSE just initiated

If you’ve already initiated a formal QHSE system, Effivity will help you ensure that you plan, execute, implement and get certified for ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 / ISO 45001 standards in a result-oriented manner.

Remove confusion and uncertainties typically associated while planning and starting a new Quality Management / Occupational Health & safety Management / Environment Management System with Effivity. You get access to our globally validated software platform and a clear implementation roadmap to help you plan implementation and drive execution professionally. Have 100% peace of mind that your QMS, EMS, OHSMS or HSE system will meet all the requirements of the relevant ISO standard.

Simply compare the details of your paper-based system to the relevant Effivity module. If you are unsure of how the two match, check Effivity detailed Help files and track how each clause in the standard has been implemented. You will be amazed at how easy and intuitive your QHSE system is to use once you start using Effivity.

Once you’ve transferred your existing information to the system, potential gaps will be highlighted in specific modules within Effivity that might not be active yet. If that’s the case, you need to implement those modules in addition to what you’ve already done to ensure that all requirements of the standard are met. When you have just started, benchmark with the best and partner with Effivity for your QHSE management system.

Implementation Stage

You have been implementing ISO standard(s) for a while now and struggling to get everyone onboard or trying to improve effectiveness of your ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 implementation, Effivity is your best solution.

If your QHSE system design has been completed and approved, and you need to start implementing it across your organisation or you have started implementation across the organization, we suggest you use a phased approach to switch to Effivity.

Start by utilizing the records’ functionality. When activities such as raising non-conformances, establishing / planning / tracking quality objectives, quality inspections, customer feedback, risk & opportunities, HSE incidents, management review meetings, or internal audits are performed, do these on the Effivity system. This will immediately give you the benefit of keeping all your records in a central location, with all relevant employees and managers able to access it easily.

When you need to edit any document in your current system, capturing the new document on Effivity will give you the benefit of utilizing the document and/or version control features of the system.

An alternative approach is to schedule a complete changeover to Effivity. We offer a dedicated QHSE Specialist for you and if you prefer this method, our team of ISO specialists and technical managers will work with you to help you move your existing manual system to Effivity platform. When your organization is at the implementation phase, augment the participation, collaboration and involvement of employees across the organisation to ensure you develop a robust QHSE system to be used by the employees which is created with active participation of the employees. Complete your ISO implementation quicker with Effivity.

Matured QHSE / Certified

You are certified for several years for now and your QHSE system is matured…how to drive improvements further? Effivity has an answer.

You may have an existing matured QHSE system and/ or you may be using a documented approach to manage your ISO compliance or using a not-so-efficient & non-user-friendly ISO software. Effivity will help you improve performance of your QHSE system by making a validated and new age software platform available to your organization where people and processes will be synchronized for optimum performance, productivity and profitability.

A dedicated project manager is assigned to your account to help you migrated form your existing manual / legacy software system to Effivity.

Don’t get stuck with non-productive manual system or non-responsive software system, make the switch today and see the difference. Start with our 15 days free trial now.

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