ISO 9001 Implementation

Because of quality of output, consistency of processes, customer centric performance and structured approach to work, most of the clients prefer ISO certified suppliers. So are you thinking about ISO 9001 implementation? Yes, GREAT!! Implement ISO 9001 for making business process easy through your own quality management system. Every business is exclusive and may be at different level in ISO implementation journey. There are many companies which can help you in implementation. They render customized services which fit in your business. Start with the implementation by preparing a comprehensive ISO 9001 project plan, which considers the entire lifecycle of implementation from gap analysis to getting ISO 9001 certified.

Guidelines of ISO 9001 implementation

  • Get support and commitment from your higher management team.
  • Establish excellent internal communication in the entire organization about QMS.
  • Match your existing quality management system if any with ISO standards.
  • Create a baseline ISO 9001 compliance gap analysis report highlighting gaps in your current processes and requirements of the standard.
  • Assign roles, and responsibilities. Identify authorities and accountabilities at various levels in the organization.
  • Start addressing all gaps one by one in your quality management system as per ISO 9001 standard by using Effivity software which offer 100% comprehensive and complete compliance to the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 standard.
  • Keep an eye on your ISO 9001 for ensuring that your business process has an upward graph of improvement.

During implementation ISO 9001 documentation is very critical phase and organizations spend almost 75% of ISO 9001 project plan in meeting and addressing this requirement. Quality manual, departmental processes / procedures / flow charts / work instructions, forms, checklists, templates, manuals etc. form the complete documentation system in an organization.

ISO 9001:2008 there were 6 mandatory documented procedures were required along with a quality manual but in ISO 9001:2015 they are no longer a mandatory requirement but still some companies continue to have this as those documentations have become an integral part of QMS of the company.

Control of Documents: It involves answers of how you create, review, approve, issue, update and approve any document? In case of changes in document, how you detect the modification and ensure that people receive the updated one? How you handle documents which come from outside of company?

Control of Records: How you handle records in terms of their locations, retention period, disposal mechanism, how you ensure that they will be available when needed and can be destroyed when not in use.

Internal Audit: How the audits of quality management system are performed for ensuring its effectiveness? Who performs audits? How the follow up is taken on corrective actions mentioned in the audits.

Control of Non-Conforming Products: Who takes the responsibility that non-conforming products / services / output? Is there a procedure to re-work on these products for getting approval from customers? How you make sure that re-work has been done on these products and how you keep a record for the same. How do you ensure that a noncompliance or a process deviation or a customer compliant has gone through the cycle of correction, root cause analysis, corrective actions and effectiveness evaluation of the corrective actions?

Corrective Actions: How do you ensure that because of the same root cause same non conformity do not reoccur? What are the corrective measures taken? How implementation of necessary actions is done? How you review these actions and how the record is maintained for the same. Risk based thinking / Preventive Actions: How to be proactive and identify risk or potential problems in processes / products / services that arise out of context, issues, interested parties, operations, changes etc.

How to get ISO 9001 certificate? It might be easy for you to answer from above discussions. But one more aspect which is worth to discuss here is the ISO 9001 compliant software Effivity. It is software which automates implementation of ISO 9001 QMS in your business, keeps your company always ready for audit, help you in getting ISO certification, assist you in remaining QMS complaint, ensures excellent productivity and performance.

Effivity is developed by Effivity Technologies Pvt. Ltd. for making compliance easy for the companies. It is proficient in handling clients’ products or service while managing deviations along with non-compliance. It handles risk for smooth running of your business. So, give all worries of compliance, products, services, and audits to cloud based Effivity and pay attention in your core business.

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