An organization with employees having correct combination of Skill, education, experience and attitude is a recipe for success. A team that is competent, motivated and works with a unified approach towards achievement of strategic goals of an organization can be an asset to any organization.

ISO 9001:2015 standard gives a lot of importance to the human aspect of an organization. A team of competent and motivated employees are required to achieve QMS objectives and strategic intent of an organization.

We need to have roles, responsibilities and authorities defined and communicated to relevant employees. Ideal competence required for a job / position to be defined and evaluated, training needs identified and training effectiveness evaluated as a part of required ISO 9001:2015 compliances from HR perspective. HR objectives, policies and procedure are also required to be defined wherever appropriate, communicated, reviewed and controlled as part of HR compliance for ISO 9001:2015 standard.
HR module of Effivity ensures you meet all these requirements in an effective, efficient and simple manner. Below steps demonstrate capabilities of this module and how you can comply with requirements with respect to HR related clauses of the standard:-

An intelligent module level home page welcomes user to the module with all compliance options available in the module on the left side menu. This home page shows quality objectives for the department, available / recently changed documents, real time graphical analysis on the basis of data / information captured in the system, alerts for pending tasks, quick links for common / regular tasks etc. Module level help is also given at appropriate places.

1. Define organization structure, create employees, departments, roles and designations.

2. Define role, responsibility and authority for various positions / designations. It can be communicated through email notification or by giving access to relevant screens.

3. Define ideal competence for each position / designation.

4. Compare existing competence of various employees with ideal competence and identify competence gaps through competence evaluation.

5. Identify training needs on the basis of competence evaluation or any other input and create training calendar.

6. Capture training attendance records.

7. Carry out training effectiveness evaluation using pre-training and post training evaluation.

8. Upload and manage HR related policies and procedures using documented information control module.

9. Define, plan and track HR objectives.

Comprehensive capabilities of this module enables all the requirements from Human Resource related clauses to be addressed in a quick and simplified manner while ensuring 100% compliance to ISO 9001:2015 standard. Contact us at info at for further information or visit to subscribe to our award winning and one of its kind of ISO 9001 compliance software.

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