Jan 09, 2020

An ocean freight forwarding organization based in Ghana complied with QHSE requirements using Effivity Pro Software

This organization is a hundred percent (100%) Ghanaian-owned and operated organization. Over the years, it has diversified its operations into other areas of logistics industry, such as Airfreight, Marine and Husbandry, Logistics and Projects. The discovery of oil in commercial quantities in the Western Region (Offshore) of Ghana brought with it an enormous opportunity for the Logistics and Supply Chain Industry.

“We are currently recognized as an offshore and onshore logistics services organization. Why is that? It is because of Effivity Pro software. We have found the best software platform that enabled us to streamlined our processes, increased our efficiency and achieved higher productivity. We are able to deliver our promise and do business the right way because of Effivity Pro, said Chief Operating Officer.”

Effivity Pro software is built on a framework that provides the best in class user interface, scalability and adaptability capabilities. This is the preferred QHSE software across 120+ countries for their specific and unique business needs.

Effivity Pro software offers rapid deployment and implementation with unmatched cost-effectiveness. Suitable and recommended for small-sized to medium-sized organizations with limited resources and unlimited ambitions.

“Effivity Pro not only enables the organization to achieve compliance by ensuring regulations and standards but also transforms the business process to enhance productivity. Effivity Pro offers excellent flexibility with an unbelievable amount of feature and drives to continual improvement with fast ROI” said Kaushal Sutaria, Senior Manager of Effivity Technology.

About Effivity Pro

Effivity Pro is robust, customizable and configurable GRC (Governance Risk Compliance) platform. Its framework provides the best in class user interface, scalability, adaptability and customization capabilities. Effivity Pro has on-cloud and on-premises deployment options, making a fuss-free approach to manage ISO compliances. It comes with pre-built, pre-configured and validated workflows and ready-to-use forms that will give you an edge over your competition.

Effivity Pro software does not require IT experts or software developer for customization. It is simple and agile. Employees with varied levels of computer proficiency and IT knowledge can use the software with equal level of efficiency. Effivity Pro brings clarity and precision to your QHSE as tasks and pending actions are accessible on each screen. A unified platform for all the processes, offices, business units and employees.

EffivityPro helps in achieving ISO certification so you can manage regulations and standards like ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001, ISO 17025, ISO 13485, ISO 22000 and many others. To find out more on how our software could benefit you, visit www.effivity.com or email your queries to info@effivity.com.

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Effivity is a leading QMS software for Quality Management System automation as per ISO 9001 standard, HSE software for Health – Safety - Environment Management System as per ISO 14001 & ISO 45001 standards and FSMS – HACCP software for food safety management system automation as per ISO 22000 / FSSC 22000 standards.